KB leaving for Taiwan, what is the field training task conveyed by coach Kim Wan-soo?

KB is preparing for the coming season by taking steps step by step.

Cheongju KB Stars will go to Taiwan for field training from the 22nd to the 31st.

KB, who entered the 2022-2023 season as the defending champion, failed to advance to the playoffs by finishing 5th in the regular league amid unexpected bad news. It is the first time in 12 years since the 2010-2011 season that KB failed to make the playoffs.

The KB team,스포츠토토 which ended the season earlier than usual, completed a convocation to prepare for the next season on April 9 after a break. Among the 6 WKBL clubs, the team gathered the fastest.

How is the progress of KB’s training in the past six weeks since the call-up? In a telephone interview with on the 18th, coach Kim Wan-soo explained the off-season preparation process and the training plan in Taiwan.

Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “It’s been about six weeks since the team was summoned. The first four weeks focused on building the body, and the other two weeks focused on defense practice and basic skills, and went into 5-to-5 training. We train four days a week, Wednesday and Saturday. , I take a break on Sundays. Instead of giving me more rest time, I emphasized to immerse myself in training, but the players have focused so far, so I’m satisfied.”

He added, “Not only me, but all players must have suffered greatly in their pride during last season. So, the mindset of the players in training has changed and matured a lot compared to last year.”

Injury management is also a very important factor for KB to repeat the slump of last season. So far, no special injuries have been reported, and Yeom Yoon-ah (ankle) and Kim Min-jung (neck), who were injured at the end of last season, are carefully improving their physical condition. In Taiwan’s field training, the two players are not expected to play a large part in the practice game.

Manager Kim said, “The physical and medical teams communicate with the players smoothly and accurately after feedback on the injured part or management, so there are no major injuries. And the senior players are more chronically ill than the younger players. Aren’t there a few painful spots? I’m taking good care of those parts without rushing. (Yeom) Yoona and (Kim) Min-jung didn’t join the team training in earnest, but they’re in the stage of raising them step by step. It’s not an urgent situation, it’s their own. They are players who have faith that they will do well, so they are doing it slowly.”

When asked if there is a player who stands out, he said, “I haven’t played much basketball yet, so it’s hard to say who stands out. This is what I wanted. There are many people of the same age, so I hope it will be an opportunity for us to come together more closely. (Sim) Seong-yeong and (Kim) So-dam play the role of seniors well and lead them, and if the juniors go like this, the national team players will later become When we return, we will be able to maximize the effect.”

KB will leave for Taiwan from the 22nd to the 31st for field training. In Taiwan, she plans to have 4-5 practice matches with Cathay Life, who participated in the Park Shin-Ja Cup last year. Park Ji-soo and Kang I-seul, who were selected for the national team, are missing from this training camp. Why did KB plan to train in Taiwan instead of holding the physical training in Taebaek?

Coach Kim said, “We have to do physical training, and we start training this season as well as around June, but there is a reason why we first took Taiwan’s field training to practice games. I hope it will serve as an opportunity for us to come together as we get to know each other better. I think I will also be able to worry about appointment while watching more young players.”

He continued, “My homework is to check how the young players demonstrate their strengths in the Taiwan training camp, and to find complementary elements when there are weaknesses. , I want to pay more attention to the hustle play,” he emphasized on the main point.

It was possible because of the support of the club that I was able to leave for overseas training at an early age.

Director Kim said, “I feel grateful that the general manager and the secretariat actively supported Taiwan’s off-season training. In fact, even though it can be burdensome to go overseas for off-season training, the club’s owner, general manager, and secretary-general have helped a lot. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I can gain more strength because he gives for the players and the team.”

Reducing the dependence on key players and increasing the ability to cope with variables is one of the important tasks of KB off-season.

Coach Kim said, “I’m studying and preparing for that a lot. That’s why I’m going to Taiwan, and I’m planning another off-campus training next time. I’m going to continue running simulations in the future, including off-campus training in Taiwan. There’s also the Park Shin-ja Cup, so I’m preparing a lot. After practice, I plan to come up with a plan for the season.”

Lastly, coach Kim said, “I try not to think in a hurry. I tell the players that thinking in a hurry can be rather poisonous. However, I have to be aware of what to do accurately, and I have to teach the players to do it.” left

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