Kansas City beat Philadelphia to win Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

Kansas City defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl 57 held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on the 13th (Korean time) to win the championship. Third career win.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the team to the championship with a total of 182 yards passing, including three touchdown passes. He overcame an ankle injury to lead the championship.

A close match like the Super Bowl took place. Both teams scored on their opening drives.

Philadelphia, who went on the offensive, scored a touchdown with quarterback Jaylen Hurts directly breaking through right in front of the end zone. Kansas City, which went on the offensive, created the atmosphere with rookie Isaiah Pacheco’s 24-yard breakthrough, and Travis Kelsey received Patrick Mahomes’ pass to tie the game 7-7.

While Kansas City failed to score an extra point on their second offense, a 42-yard field goal attempt bounced off the left pole슬롯사이트, Philadelphia took a 14-7 lead with Hertz’s 45-yard pass to AJ Brown.

Hutz then went back and forth between the cold bath and the warm bath. In the ensuing attack, he committed a fumble and allowed a touchdown, and the score was tied at 14-14, but in the next attack, he ran 28 yards directly and changed the atmosphere, and then made a touchdown with his own feet with a continued rush. In the last attack of the first half, he even succeeded in a field goal and faced halftime with a 24-14 lead.

Kansas City was hit with bad news in the last attack of the first half, injuring his right ankle while being caught by a defensive tackle. Ma Homes, who limped and withdrew to the bench, complained of excruciating pain.

As it was, he seemed to be losing weight in the game, but he did not give up. He scored a touchdown on the first attack of the second half. Nick Bolton, who caught the ball in a fumble situation in the immediately following defense, seemed to succeed in reversing with a touchdown, but the decision was overturned through video review.

Philadelphia opened the gap again with a field goal, but could not break Kansas City’s momentum. The tactic of keeping the opponent’s defense on hold was successful one after another, recording consecutive touchdowns and turning it around at once.

Kansas City’s Cardarius Tony recorded a 65-yard punt return with 10:33 left in the fourth quarter, helping the team widen the gap.

Philadelphia immediately struck back. Hertz’s 46-yard pass was caught by Devonta Smith, followed by Hertz’s successive breakthroughs to a touchdown and two-point conversion, balancing the score at 35-35.

In Kansas City’s last attack, Mahomes made a 26-yard break through himself, raising the mood. The opponent’s defense also helped by committing a holding foul.

After that, a tense battle of nerves broke out between the two teams. Kansas City deliberately stopped the offense in front of the end zone to avoid giving the opponent an offensive opportunity ahead of Jerick McKinnon’s touchdown. The Philadelphia defense also countered with sloppy defense to gain time on offense.

Kansas City, who cut off time as much as possible, had a field goal opportunity with 11 seconds left. Harrison Butcker calmly kicked a field goal from 27 yards. As Philadelphia’s last attack failed, Kansas City’s victory was confirmed.

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