Kangwon FC’s heartthrob Han Young ran 63 kilometers in July

‘Heart of Gangwon FC’ Hankyung (33-photo) shows off his stamina in the sweltering heat.

The KFA released the top five players in terms of records and activity for the month of July in a weekly briefing held at the Football Hall on July 8. According to the data, Hankyoung ran a whopping 62.98 kilometers in five games in July. In general, a player is considered active if he runs more than 10 kilometers per game, but he ran 12.59 kilometers per game. This marks the third consecutive month that he has been in the top five in terms of activity, as he was second in May and June.

The second most active player was Gwangju FC midfielder Jung Ho-yeon, who ran 57.98 kilometers, five kilometers less than Kim. It’s worth noting that Hae-young is 10 years older than Jung.

She is second on the list of accumulated wins. A win is an act of regaining possession of the ball, such as catching a ball that has traveled into the neutral zone or catching a ball that has traveled towards the player, and this season he has 175 wins. Activity and wins are a good indicator of a player’s hustle play, and it’s a sign of his dedication to his team this season.메이저사이트

As the captain of Gangwon FC, he has proven himself to be a leader by example. It will be interesting to see if his dedication can lead to a rebound for Gangwon, who are currently in last place.

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