Jin Hyeon-min, the new captain to lead Jeonju High School “I want to create a pleasant atmosphere”

 “I really want to enjoy sports and create a good team atmosphere.”

Jeonju High School is in the midst of training ahead of the new season. I was able to hear the story of Jin Hyun-min (190cm, F), the captain of the new season. Yoo Hyeong-woo (187cm, G), who served as the team captain until last year, is scheduled to enter Chung-Ang University. After that, Jin Hyun-min was elected as the captain to lead the new season.

Jin Hyun-min said, “I always have a burden. If not, it’s a lie (laughs). While attending Jeonju High School, he saw and learned from many older brothers. Everyone has a different style, but I want to work out in a good atmosphere this year by referring only to the good points. My biggest goal is always to lead fun sports,” he said of his goal as a captain. 카지노사이트

He dreamed of becoming a soccer player as a child. However, he was introduced to basketball when he was in middle school, and he is moving towards his dream of becoming a basketball player while he has been paid for a year. Jin Hyun-min said, “His parents were unconditionally opposed. But even though he started late, he kept saying he wanted to. As a result, he started playing basketball when he was in his third year of middle school.”

As his role model, he picked Yoon Byung-hak, the current coach of Jeonju High School. Jin Hyun-min said, “I think the coach and I are very similar. The late start is similar, and the position is the same. In particular, the coach has a really strong desire to win. So he is asking the coach more and trying to be like him.”

“My goal is to go pro and be seen as a very happy and enjoyable player when people play basketball. Of course, skill is important, but I really want to play happy basketball.”

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