Jejus, Zinchenko, and Trosar are not all… Arsenal’s best signing is ‘this player’

Arsenal legend Ray Parlor chose Jorginho (31) as the best signing this season.

If you could sum up Arsenal’s season in one word, it would be ‘regretful’. Arsenal led the league with stable performance from the beginning of the season. At one time, the gap between the points against second place Manchester City widened to 11 points, aiming for the championship trophy 20 years after winning the 2003-04 undefeated championship.스포츠토토

However, at the end of the season, the key players left due to injuries and faced a crisis. In the end, they gave up first place by losing both matches against Man City. I expected a come-from-behind victory until the end, but unfortunately, I stayed in 2nd place and pledged for the next season.

In Arsenal’s rebound, there was an active performance of the recruits. Arsenal signed Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City before the season. Jejus was in charge of Arsenal’s frontline until leaving due to injury and scored 11 league goals this season. Left fullback Zinchenko is said to have completed coach Mikel Arteta’s football.

Following the return of William Saliba from loan and the signing of Fabio Vieira, in the winter transfer market, Leandro Trosar and Jakub Kivior were embraced. Trosar recorded more than 10 attack points only after moving to Arsenal, and Kibior also showed a good appearance as a starter at the end of the season.

Parlor chose Jorginho as the player who performed the best among the transfer students. Jorginho moved to Arsenal in the winter transfer window. Jorginho took on the role of Thomas Partey’s back-up and played a key role in the victory against Aston Villa (24R).

Parler said through the British ‘Sports Bible’, “Jejus, Trossar, and Zinchenko are all great recruits. But given the money Arsenal spend, the experience they need and the role they play in midfield, Jorginho is the best player to pick. He showed a really good figure,” he praised.

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