“It’s okay to die” instilling confidence in national shortstops, filling Samsung’s storehouse

The Samsung Lions, who was full of worries, has changed dramatically. It is a time to be concerned about the departure of free agent (FA) players and the occurrence of injured players, but Samsung is easing concerns as familiar yet new faces are steadily appearing. 

Samsung is currently running first in the demonstration game. In 12 games, he is dominating the demonstration game with a 0.833 win rate of 10 wins and 2 losses, and a high streak of 8 consecutive wins. The combination of pitching and hitting, which is rare in demonstration games, is leading Samsung’s upward trend. 

not a whole Rather, it is evaluated that objective 스포츠토토power has weakened compared to last year. While Kim Sang-su (33) and Oh Seon-jin (34), who were key infielders, left the team as free agents, Kim Tae-hoon (27) was recruited as compensation player for Kim Sang-su. In addition, in the camp and demonstration games, infielder Kim Ji-chan (22) was knocked out due to an injury, and key leadoff and center fielder Kim Hyeon-joon (21) was also confirmed to leave for three months due to a wrist fracture. It was another shadowy moment for Samsung, where a thin player base had been a hot topic in recent years. 

However, Samsung is coping with the crisis with new faces. At the center are Lee Seong-gyu (30) Kim Dong-yeop (33) Kim Tae-hoon and Kim Jae-sang (19). While transferred outfielder Kim Tae-hoon and rookie infielder Kim Jae-sang stood out in spring camp and demonstration games to alleviate Samsung’s concerns, veteran outfielders such as Lee Seong-gyu and Kim Dong-yeop, who became Samsung’s ‘sore fingers’ due to frequent injuries, flapped their wings to revive. It’s encouraging. 

Lee Seong-gyu is marching high, running first in the home run of the exhibition game with a five-time arch. In the early days of the exhibition game, he came on as a pinch hitter and hit long hits. However, due to Kim Hyun-joon’s injury, he is establishing himself as the starting center fielder. He has a batting average of 0.345 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.284. Kim Dong-yeop also led the team to victory by hitting multiple hits, home runs, and hits in three consecutive games on the 20th and 21st. 

What would have changed them? It was ‘confidence’. And behind them was the trust of Samsung coach Park Jin-man (47). Coach Park Jin-man, who has been constantly watching and guiding them since last year as the second-team coach, constantly ordered, “Even if you die (even if you strike out), it’s good, so take your swing.” Even after coming to the first team, coach Park’s trust continued, and hitting coach Park Han-yi (44) added technical advice. In the trust of the command tower, Lee Seong-kyu established his own strike zone and Kim Dong-yeop established his own batting form, continuing a pleasant sense of hitting. 

The same goes for the belief in a ‘new face’. That was the reaction of Kim Jae-sang from the KT match on the 19th. At that time, runner Kim Jae-sang, who was running to second base with a sacrifice bunt, saw that there was no fielder on third base and died while trying to advance further. He was a somewhat unreasonable runner, but when he returned from the dugout, cheers and encouragement were full. Rather, director Park Jin-man said, “You can die. As a young player, he has to play aggressively and boldly,” he encouraged the new player.

Kim Jae-sang, who received the support of the command tower, energized the Samsung infield with a bold appearance in base running and defense. The reason Kim Jae-sang was able to boldly show his play on the first team stage, which was awkward and intimidating, was the trust and support of the command tower. Kim Tae-Hoon, a transfer student, was also in full bloom, receiving constant opportunities to play in the trust of the coach. 

The trust of the head coach led to the confidence of the players. And it led to the strengthening of the player base that Samsung wanted so much. It is encouraging that the high-altitude march of the exhibition game is not just a result of performance, but also a result of strengthening internal stability. Samsung’s ample storehouse is making Samsung’s high-altitude march in the new season. 

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