“It’s like Scherzer” Ahn Woo-jin, admiring Kim Seo-hyun, gave advice to junior fireballers

 Kiwoom Heroes An Woo-jin (24) left some advice for juniors who dream of becoming fastball pitchers.

An Woo-jin is one of the KBO league’s representative fastball aces. Last season, he recorded 15 wins and 8 losses with an earned run average of 2.11 in 30 games (196 innings) last season, achieving two crowns for pitchers (ERA, strikeouts) and second most strikeouts in a single season in the KBO League. He is cruising this season with an average ERA of 1.08 with 1 win and 1 loss in 4 games (25 innings). He overwhelms hitters with a fastball that reaches 158 km/h in every game.

However, there are pitchers 메이저놀이터who are attracting the most attention with their fastballs this season. Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, who can be said to be the future of Hanwha, are the main characters. Moon Dong-ju recorded 160.1 km in the KIA game on the 12th, breaking the KBO League’s highest restraint record for a Korean player. Kim Seo-hyun threw a fastball that reached 158 km in the first team debut match against Doosan on the 19th. Based on Trackman, 160.1 km came out. Ahn Woo-jin threw 158.4 km against SSG on September 30 last year, his best record. 

Ahn Woo-jin, who said, “It’s so good to throw the ball fast,” said, “It’s not that Dong-joo Moon or Seo-hyun Kim have bad control.” Right now, restraint is a hot topic. In high school, I only cared about speed, but I definitely realized the importance of control when I came to the pros.”

When asked about the important point when catching the ball, Ahn Woo-jin said, “It seems that each person feels differently. In the case of me, I pay attention to the left arm, the timing of the arm rise, and the line of the shoulder. The pitching form is not consistent. It may not be obvious from the plate, but the pitching form of the body course and the outside course feel a little different. I think I have my own feelings,” he laughed. 

Ahn Woo-jin, who asserted, “Even if the velocity differs by 10 km, I would rather throw it outward accurately,” said Ahn Woo-jin, “that much the course is important. If you go into a good course, even if you hit it well, the batted ball won’t reach.” 

Ahn Woo-jin, who threw 158 km the day after Moon Dong-ju threw 160 km, said in an interview at the time, “I am not regretful because I came close to 160 km. I’m glad the results are good. I will throw strongly, but I think throwing accurately is the priority. Of course, it’s good if the restraint comes out well. I have a desire to throw 160 km.” After seeing Kim Seo-hyun’s pitch, “It seemed like he was throwing like Max Scherzer (Mets). It seems to be throwing a good ball.” 

Young pitchers such as Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun watched Ahn Woo-jin while playing baseball and throwing fastballs. Ahn Woo-jin laughed, saying, “It’s a really thankful thing for me.” “All of them are good players. I think I am so grateful to see and learn from me. I will do well too.”

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