Is LG recruiting Lim Dong-seop good or bad for position competitor Lee Seung-woo?

It is not very welcome news that the number of players in this position has increased in the arena of competition in professional sports. But we need to see it from a different perspective.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Changwon LG sent Choi Seung-wook and recruited Lim Dong-seop through a trade with Seoul Samsung. He strengthened the forward line by recruiting shooters that LG needed. Naturally, the gaze is directed to Lee Seung-woo.

Lee Seung-woo is a forward for LG who is riding a roller coaster in the 2022-23 season. Even until the beginning of the season, he showed off his versatility and rose to the ranks of the main team, but after that, he repeatedly suffered from sluggishness and went down to the second group, showing ups and downs. He stayed in the 2nd team for nearly a month before returning from the match against Seoul SK on the 10th.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun revealed that Seung-woo Lee is experiencing growing pains. He especially pointed out the judgment in the transition game, and even the defense. That’s why he didn’t become a full-fledged starter.

However, Lee Seung-woo’s biggest weakness is shooting. His 3-point shooting percentage is very low at 29.2%. In particular, the free throw success rate is at a serious level at 44.4%. The fact that the free throw success rate, such as a bonus, is so low suggests that there is a fundamental problem in shooting.

Because of his lack of shooting ability, what he can do on the court is limited. In the professional world where opponents are thoroughly analyzed, lack of shooting ability, which is the most basic of basics, means that even what you have done well so far may not last long. The ups and downs of Lee Seung-woo’s performance were also due to his limited role as his shooting ability declined.메이저놀이터

In this situation, Lim Dong-seop’s joining could be an advantage for Lee Seung-woo. Although it is not in its prime, Lim Dong-seop’s shooting is still at a high level in KBL. He is a man who once even got on the national team as a next-generation shooter.

An LG official also said, “There are concerns that Seung-woo Lee and Dong-seop Lim may overlap because they are in the same position, but maybe we need to look at them from a different perspective. Lim Dong-seop can make up for the lack of shooting Lee Seung-woo. He said, “I see it as a partner that can create synergy, not a simple competitor.”

Currently, it is difficult to see Lee Seung-woo as a starter even if it is not Lim Dong-seop. LG has the best power balance among the 10 KBL clubs, and there are many forwards with various styles. Competition is already high.

However, if Lee Seung-woo can complement and improve shooting ability from Lim Dong-seop, LG’s trade this time can be considered successful. Of course, it would be great if Lim Dong-seop played a role as a shooter, unlike in his Samsung days.

LG sent Choi Seung-wook, who was a non-power, and recruited Lim Dong-seop, who would be a plus. In trade, the result can be known over time, but for now, it can be seen that a choice with a high possibility of success has been made. It is a trade with high expectations.

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