“I want to go home?” Coach Bae Young-soo, instead of encouragement… A series of breathless ‘challenges’

“Spring Camp is an extension of the season… There are still players who think ‘because it is before the season’.”

The smile disappeared from Pitching Coach Bae Young-soo’s face. The bullpen was tinged with cold silence.

Lotte Giants Guam Spring Camp. Coach Bae, who encouraged the young players, raised his voice. It is a roar towards the players who failed in the ‘Bae Young-soo Challenge’.

This is what Lotte pitchers ordered. I gave a mission to throw strikes with options such as ‘2 consecutive’, ‘7 out of 10′, and ’15 out of 20’.

As the pitchers were exhausted from intense conditioning throughout the morning, they only demanded a ‘power pitching strike’ rather than restraint. Still, it was different from pitching, which was close to conditioning. Pitching was done with more than 50 pitches and up to 80 pitches.

For pitchers who did not, strict true education was provided. If the mission fails, you have to go on a 3.5 km run and start the mission again.

Coach Bae gave a disobedient order, saying, “If you get two balls, you’re out right away! Put it in the

From mid-level pitchers such as Na Won-tak and Jeong Seong-jong to rookie pitchers such as Lee Min-seok and Jin Seung-hyeon, coach 슬롯사이트Bae was busy with coaching. Fortunately, no players were ‘strike out’. He even gave detailed instructions to Kim Won-joong, saying, “I throw well on the inside, but I can’t throw outside.”

Coach Bae, whom I met after training, explained, “Now is the time for the players to show it. It’s not the style to talk about this and that, but it was a little frustrating because they didn’t know what to do. If I explained the purpose of throwing and how to do it like this, the players should follow.” .

“There is no need to tell people who are good at it. And players who earn a lot of salaries are generally good. Look at the throwing of Stray Barnes. It is up to the player to prepare accordingly.” He added, “The only player who was well prepared today was Na Kyun-an. Next was Yoon Seong-bin, who taught me a new form. I’m embarrassed.”

middle! Concentrate, concentrate!” He also added that “I’ll send you back if you fail three times in a row.”

He also repeatedly emphasized, “When the grades are good, details are created. I have thought about it long enough and prepared hard. The coach is a life-or-death decision, but if the players don’t, it’s difficult.”

“When they are having a hard time, they grumble about doing it the American style. If you say something, it’s called the Korean style (old school). We started out the same, but some of them are up and some of them are not. It shouldn’t be like this. Now I have to go to the (World Baseball Classic) national team, but I’m worried. . I have to compete in Okinawa. It is natural to work hard, and I hope that the results will show.”

Coach Bae and Kim Won-jung left for the national team camp in Arizona, USA on the 12th. It is the time when players who will continue training with coach Kang Young-shik and Kwon Oh-won require efforts.

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