I transferred, but because of the punishment… Ronaldo ‘The Spectator’

Soccer star Ronaldo, who went to Saudi Arabia with 270 billion won of our money, couldn’t step on the ground from the first game.

This is because the punishment of the past has not yet been resolved.

This is Reporter Cho Hyun-sun.

Taliska shook the net with an unstoppable header.

Ronaldo, who was sitting, jumped up and clapped for joy.

Even as he cycles, he can’t take his eyes off the game screen.

Although it was a match for his team, Al Nasr, Ronaldo became a ‘watching position’.

Still, for fans, existence itself is a joy.

Ronaldo waving at fans in the lounge.

Fans respond with words of support and affection.

He moved to Saudi Arabia after being greeted by 25,000 fans, but

“My goal is to make you happy.”

The timing of the event is yet to be determined.메이저사이트

It’s because of the punishment he received from Manchester United.

In April of last year, he was suspended for two matches after a match against Everton for hitting a fan’s hand down and dropping his cell phone.

Except for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the penalty is valid even for the transferred team.

From the starting point of player registration, you can play after two matches.

Al Nasr can have up to 8 foreign players.

I have to make Ronaldo’s place by removing one person, but Abubaka is a strong scapegoat.

If the player registration was done before today’s game, he will be absent until the match against Al-Shabaab on the 15th, if not, he will be absent until the match on the 23rd.

With Ronaldo watching, Al Nasr remained top of the league at 2-0.

This is Cho Hyun-seon from Channel A News.