‘I am a legend’…Introducing the representative figures of Cheongju


Cheongju City recently made a video titled ‘I am a legend’ and posted it on its official YouTube channel.

The first person is Woo Hyo-sook온라인카지노, who has been the queen of inline roller skating for 15 years since the mid-2000s.

As many of you will remember,

reporter Hong Woo-pyo introduces it.


4 gold medals in the inline roller world championships.

Since 2007, she has won eight gold medals in all, including gold medals at the National Sports Festival for six consecutive years.

This is an unrivaled record in inline roller skating by Woo Hyo-sook from Cheongju.

After that, Woo became a hot topic by turning to ice speed skating.

Wu ended her 25-year career as an official athlete three years ago, but she managed to win a bronze medal at the Winter Games this year.

Cheongju City selected people who made legendary achievements in each field and made a video with the theme of ‘I am a legend’, and the first protagonist is Woo Hyo-sook.

<Interview> Woo Hyo-suk, Assistant Manager of Cheongju Facility Management Corporation

“When I moved from inline to speed skating for the Sochi Olympics, although I did not become a representative, I think I learned the most in my life.”

After her retirement, Woo took a job at the Cheongju Facility Management Corporation and continues to contribute her talents.

Now, from Player Woo, he has been called Assistant Manager Woo.

<Woo Hyo-sook> Cheongju Facility Management Corporation

“I think I will receive too many benefits compared to what I did. I will help the citizens where I can help them and donate my talents or what I have learned…” Cheongju is not grandiose, but does his best in his field

. We plan to continuously create the ‘I am a legend’ series by discovering the best citizens of Cheongju.

<Interview> Kim Jong-seon, Public Affairs Officer of Cheongju City

“I am thinking that this program will be successful if we find people among the citizens of Cheongju who can feel proud of doing small things.”

The story of Woo Hyo-suk, the first I am Legend, is about 10 minutes long, and you can see it right away on Cheongju City’s official YouTube.

This is CJB Hong Woo-pyo.

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