Hwang In-soo, who challenges the ‘Standing Legend’, “I will do what I can’t do”

ROAD FC middleweight champion Hwang In-soo (29, FREE) threw a vote to make the impossible possible.

Hwang In-soo will compete in an unrestricted kickboxing match against Myung Hyeon-man (38, Myeong-hyeon-man multi-gym) in the main event of Goobne ROAD FC 063 held at Goyang Gymnasium at 6:00 pm on the 25th.

Hwang In-soo, who conquered ROAD FC middleweight, wants a new title. The best eating right away. He even prepared a shortcut to get to the top in one fell swoop. After a long battle, he achieved a face-to-face confrontation with Myung Hyun-man메이저놀이터, who is called ‘the strongest standing in Korea’.

Hwang In-soo, who showed an overwhelming appearance in the middleweight division, is evaluated as inferior in front of Myeong-hyeon. Many fans threw an opinion that he was ‘reckless’ towards him who challenged his opponent’s main sport, kickboxing. Hwang In-soo does not succumb to this and is waiting for the New Year’s Day facing Myung Hyeon-man.

Through a countdown written by Hwang In-soo, he said, “I am working hard to provide great fun and excitement to the fans as it is a match after a long time.” He then expressed his determination, saying, “As much as you are interested in me, I will repay you with a cool and hot game without injury.”

Hwang In-soo also knows that he is evaluated as an underdog. He said, “I think a life worth doing and proving what others say is not possible” and “I will prove it this time too” burned his fighting spirit.

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