Hwang In-soo and Myeong-hyeon in a special match, “Hwang In-soo is in the middle of boxing, but I’ll finish it with a punch!”

 “Hwang In-soo has risen in boxing, but I am stronger. I will finish with a punch.”

Myung Hyeon-man (37), the ‘Lion of Myeongseung’, showed strong confidence. On the 30th, a special match press conference was held at Gallery K, Namsan Tower, Seoul.

The special match between Myeong Hyeon-man and Hwang In-soo (28) will be held on February 25 at the Goyang General Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Myung Hyeon-man is a stand-up player, and Hwang In-soo specializes in MMA. Besides, the weight class is different. Myung Hyun-man is a heavyweight, and Hwang In-soo is a middleweight.

Against this background, it was agreed that the special match would be a 4-minute, 3-round match with kickboxing rules. An agreement was reached after negotiating just before the press conference on the 30th.

Myung Hyeon-man said, “I am happy to have a match with Hwang In-soo. There will be no extensions,” he said. I will finish it with a punch,” he assured victory. 메이저놀이터

“Recently, I saw Hwang In-soo come out and shoot Kim Dong-hyun on the air. It seems to be trying to ‘jump’ through famous seniors. It’s good to do it slowly like climbing stairs, but it’s a pity. I will make Hwang In-soo learn to play in the future,” he advised as a senior.

Hwang In-soo, the current Road FC middleweight champion, said, “Now that it has been confirmed, I will repay the fans with a hot match. Fans talk about the capkick, but the capkick is just a ‘setup’. He will press from all sides and achieve a wonderful victory.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Ah-sol and Myung Hyeon-man will have a sparring match on the 31st.

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