Hwang Eui-jo, “Time flies so fast”

  • Desperation for scoring

I have been practicing a lot since training. He’s trying to score inside the pitch somehow. Since I am training hard, I think the results will come out someday, and I think I will have to prepare well for the next match. We are trying to prepare for the 3 points because we are back in 2nd place. 메이저놀이터

  • There is also a feeling of saving shooting.

In the first half, I was waiting for the pass given by Palosevich, but I talked about whether I should have taken it non-stop right away. I am still researching and working. I keep thinking about whether I can shoot and score.

-Evaluating that the frontline strikers are not scoring enough,

I talked a lot with Ilyuchenko from the beginning of the season. I think Ilyuchenko is frustrated and thirsty because he can’t play in many matches. I’m still talking, I’m talking about improvement when training and playing.

-It’s not enough to score, but my teammates and coach Ahn Ik-soo believe in me.

I think it’s important that our team is scoring in every game this season. Young players are holding up well on the defense side, and veterans like Seong Yong-hyung and Osmar are holding up well in the midfield. Both mutual and me are working hard on offense, and it seems to be well harmonized. It seems that I have the strength to endure. Today we scored a goal and held on to win. If I keep winning, I think I can compete at a higher position.

-A war of words between coach Ahn Ik-soo and the referee

The director is a passionate person. He reacts even to losing a ball. He seems to be a passionate person. Won’t you be kicked out now? (Laughter) I’m not sure about the part where Sang-ho exchanged words with the referee. As a player, he has a desire to win and thinks he can protest.

-You only have one month left in your contract with Seoul.

Time seems to go by so fast. He has already been in Seoul for about 4-5 months. One month left now. The first goal was for Seoul to compete at a high level and create a habit of winning. I wanted to make people aware that Seoul is a scary team. I don’t know the future. I think that’s what will happen next. I will do well in the remaining games and think about it. The director makes it as comfortable as possible. He tells me so that I can play well. Although there are few goals, the team continues to score and are winning. I have more greed than anyone else to score goals. I haven’t talked to the director yet about the future. -I heard that you have stayed

in the Nottingham EPL .

After the contract with Seoul is over, I have to talk to Nottingham. At the end of the contract, I plan to consult with the agent.

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