‘Hit’ Mane – ‘Swearing’ Sane, cool ‘reconciliation’, club ‘1G suspension + fine’ Disciplinary – Tuchel supports Mane, Mane assault case ‘ended’

The atmosphere is that the Sadio Mane assault case is coming to an end.

According to German media ‘Kicker’, on the morning of the 14th (Korean time), ahead of team training, Mane apologized ‘like a man’ in front of the players. Manet is said to have trained with Leroy Jane, the alleged assaulter. On the same day, the club Bayern Munich announced on its homepage that “Mane will miss the home game against Hoffenheim on the 15th.” He added, “This punishment is due to misbehavior following the game against Man City,” and “will also be fined.” The amount of the penalty was not officially announced, but according to the British ‘Sports Bible’, Mane’s fine was known to be around £442,000. As much as Mane receives a weekly wage of 430,000 pounds, it can be seen as a weekly wage.

The incident happened on the 12th. 토스카지노Bayern Munich lost 0-3 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the European Champions League in the 2022-2023 season against Man City at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England. They failed to score a single goal while conceding back-to-back goals to Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Erling Haaland. It was a rout. However, Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel emphasized the rebound in the second game, saying, “The content was not bad. It may sound strange, but it was fun.”

However, after the match, it flowed in the wrong direction. Manet’s assault on Leroy Sane. According to German Bild, Mane hit Sane, leaving his lips bloodied, and other teammates separated the two players.

The two reportedly got into an argument during the match. In particular, in the 38th minute of the second half, when Sane passed the ball in an attacking situation, Mane ran forward, but a problem arose when the development was cut off in the process. The two expressed their displeasure and quarreled loudly. Even after that, the two continued to argue several times on the ground. This scene was also captured on the broadcast screen.

Even after entering the locker room, Mane expressed dissatisfaction with Sane’s play. During the conversation, Manet exploded, which eventually led to an assault. It is known that he was slapped on the cheek. Fortunately, their colleagues stopped the fight and the situation was settled, but the two players could not reconcile. According to German media reports, even after arriving in Munich after the game, Mane traveled by team bus, and Sane was known to have traveled by private car.

Mane left Liverpool last summer to join Bayern Munich. Although his position and style are different, he has been called a replacement for Roberto Lewandowski, who left for Barcelona, ​​and has raised a lot of expectations. Contrary to his expectations, Mane has only 10 goals and 5 assists in 31 appearances this season. In particular, in the official match that he digested in 2023, he posted only one assist, showing the worst sluggishness. After taking over as head coach Tuchel, he only appeared in one game.

The dominant evaluation was that he had crossed a river of no return due to this situation. German Sport said: “The assault in front of teammates and coaches shows that Mane’s messy debut season in Munich is the lowest point among them.” There was also a disagreement with the manager, and it was said that Mane did not play as a team at all internally.” As a result, there are voices calling for a breakup. There is even talk of asking for legal responsibility. Sport said: “Mane crossed the line with Sane’s assault. There can be discussions during the game, you can say nasty things, but just calm down and shake hands, and that’s it.” It should be released in the summer,” he raised his voice.

But there was also sympathy for Manet. A few days before the match, it became known that something tragic had happened to Mane. The British media ‘Mirror’ said, “Last weekend, Manet’s aunt died in Senegal. He expressed his condolences, and Munich owners were also aware of this.” From Mane’s point of view, who cares about his family very much, he couldn’t properly capture his mentality. According to ‘The Mirror’, Mane, who lost his father when he was 11 years old, has supported his family financially, including his mother, throughout his career and even built a mansion for them in his hometown. Here, Sanae also acted inappropriately. According to the German media ‘Bild’, “Sane told Mane at the time of the match”

Sane eventually forgave Mane. German media ‘Sport 1’ said, “Sane made a nice gesture to his teammate Mane. Sane asked for leniency by talking to the club so that Mane did not receive harsher punishment for his assault.” revealed Coach Tuchel also took an active part. Coach Tuchel said, “Mane’s behavior was obviously excessive. It was against the team’s code of conduct,” and said he deserved disciplinary action. Still, “I’ve known Mane for a very long time. I am his first lawyer.” “I have complete confidence in Mane,” said Tuchel, who took over Bayern’s helm last month. “Before he made mistakes, and will be after this. Everyone makes mistakes.

In the end, Bayern Munich succeeded in arranging the Mane case that shook the club. Bayern will play the second leg of the quarterfinal against Man City at home on the 20th.

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