‘Help No. 3’ Son Heung-min “I will further develop the penetration movement”

 Son Heung-min (Tottenham) promised to further develop his movement.

Tottenham won 1-0 in the 21st round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season against Fulham held at Craven Cottage in London, England on the afternoon of the 23rd (local time). Heung-Min Son was the starting pitcher. Harry Kane scored the winning goal with a sharp pass in the first half of extra time. Season 3 helped.

After the game, I met Son Heung-min. He said, “I’m glad I played a game that could change the atmosphere of the losing streak.” Regarding the help, he said, “I tried to give him a shot. In the end, Kane made a good decision, so I was able to get three points.”

To the point that it seems difficult to get a pass this season, he said, “I will develop it. I am also talking with my colleagues.”

◇ Q&A with Son Heung-min – We

won a difficult game. It was a game that had to break a losing streak.

▶Actually, it’s very important. I think it’s very fortunate that we were able to create a game that can change this atmosphere, and in fact, it was a very important result in terms of team atmosphere.

These difficult and away games are not always easy. As you can see from today’s match, Fulham also prepared quite well. Despite playing a difficult game, the fact that we finished the game without conceding until the end, and that Kane scored a goal with his personal ability in a difficult situation seemed to have played the most important role in changing the team atmosphere in a way.

-It felt like team Jeon Cheng’s confidence and boldness were lacking because of consecutive losses and away games.

▶ First of all, breaking the losing streak was the most important thing. Still, I think I showed a good image when I played boldly. I think the players were all trying to control the game by judging when to take a risk or not. There were obviously some regrets. During the game, there are definitely times when we make disappointing decisions, and I think this is an area that our players and I need to improve as well. There are so many games left in the future, so I think it’s more important to gradually improve these things.

-I recorded it as an assist when Kane scored a goal.

▶How to play in such a situation, in fact, in a way, you could think it was just a trivial pass, but the most important thing was to be in a good position to receive the ball and with which foot to pass the pass. Also, there was no situation where I could turn around and create space there, so Kane was in a better position. I tried to give Kane a pass so that he could control and shoot more comfortably. In the end, Kane played an important role. When it comes to shooting opportunities in front of the box, Kane is so outspoken and perfect, so I think he took the 3 points because he made a good decision. I think I need to be a little more careful because these personal abilities play the most important role in changing the game in the end. 토토사이트

-Compared to last season, there is public opinion that you can’t get a lot of passes.

▶I keep moving from my position. There must be some friends who can’t see my movements. When it comes to decisions like that, there are definitely times when I make unsatisfactory decisions, and there are definitely times when I make unsatisfactory choices. In fact, breathing and communication with the players are important in this part. While we were preparing for the game, we were in a difficult position again, and there are parts where we miss chances due to more leisurely judgments and leisurely things rather than playing a little more boldly. Of course I feel sad too.

However, these parts must be clearly corrected by the players. We talk about these things with the coaches because we can’t play a perfect game. It’s something we need to develop further. It’s because the timing for me to penetrate into the space through running may not be good, and the passing friend may not see it again.

I’m a striker anyway, so I’m the one who has to play that role, so I have to keep playing that role. Even if I don’t receive the ball, it might be enough for other players to make space again by dragging the opponent. I have to keep doing these things constantly, and I talk to the players again and ask them to look after me in this situation. I think it will gradually get better. I think it would be nice to think that my movement is a little bad. I think it’s something I need to develop further.

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