He was slapped in the 9th place, but he was angry at the 3rd place. 1st in June win rate even with 80% complete team. Will the former championship candidate shake up the summer?

 I wondered if the uptrend would be dampened even when I was slapped in the ninth place. However, he showed the potential of a championship candidate by sweeping three consecutive weekend games against the third-place team. Although it is about 80% complete with the domestic ace and center hitter missing, it has proved that it was a candidate for the championship enough, and now there is only one thing left to do. It’s about KT Wiz.메이저사이트

KT was obviously in last place until recently. Due to the line injury of the main players from the beginning, the game was played with the 1.5th team, and from May 7th to June 5th, it was in 10th place for nearly a month. However, with the return of injured players, he regained his strength. Substitute players who filled the gaps where key players were missing grew, and with the addition of key players, they became stronger.

And in June, with a record of 15 wins and 8 losses, and a win rate of 6.5%, it became first place, and as soon as it escaped from the bottom, it immediately jumped into the fight for fifth place.

Last week was a hump. Until June 26, 30 wins, 2 draws, 35 losses, and an odds rate of 4.6 0.2 li, the 5th place Doosan Bears (32 wins, 1 draw, 34 losses) was only 1.5 games behind the 7th place, but was caught by the ambush Hanwha. Even with aces Ko Young-pyo and Wes Benjamin, they lost 1-4 and 4-6 and fell into a three-game losing streak. The ranking was 7th, but there was no ride with the 8th place KIA Tigers, and Hanwha, 9th place, was being chased by half a game. At best, the atmosphere was on the rise as the rankings went up, but if the rankings went down again, the team atmosphere could be disturbed.

In addition, the 3rd consecutive weekend match was the 3rd place NC Dinos. However, in the NC match on the weekend, KT broke through the crisis with unified power.

On the 30th, starter William Cuevas pitched 6 innings and allowed 2 runs, but opponent starter Taylor Widener was held scoreless until the 6th inning. However, at the end of the 7th inning, Park Kyung-soo scored a run with a double, and at the end of the 8th inning, 1 out 1st and 2nd baseman Park Byung-ho, who made two walks, scored a tie at the right time, and Hwang Jae-gyun’s infield grounder scored a comeback, making it a 3-2 comeback. The same work was repeated on the 1st. After trailing 0-2 in the beginning, Anthony Alford led 3-2 in the bottom of the 3rd inning with 3 runs, but was soon turned over to 3-6 and dragged away. However, in the bottom of the 6th inning, Sang-Chul Moon’s three-run shot put the score back on balance, and in the bottom of the 9th, Byung-Ho Park’s come-from-behind hit put the score on the line and won 7-6.

On the 2nd, KT, who gained momentum, achieved a sweep with a 5-0 victory, scoring 4 runs with Alford and Park Byung-ho’s consecutive doubles in the bottom of the 8th in a 1-0 lead on thin ice in 6⅔ scoreless innings by Koh Young-pyo on the 2nd. . KT, who had 3 consecutive wins after 3 consecutive losses, is maintaining 7th place with 33 wins, 2 draws and 37 losses. It chased up to the bottom with a 1.5 game difference to Doosan in 5th place, a 2.5 game difference to Lotte in 4th place, and a 3 game difference to NC in 3rd place.

With the return of Cuevas, the starting lineup has stabilized greatly and is playing KT-like baseball. Sohn So-jun, who underwent elbow surgery, will not be able to return this year, but as center hitter Kang Baek-ho is preparing to return by participating in actual matches, KT has room to become stronger.

Can KT, the ‘returned’ championship candidate, shake up the KBO league in the summer? It is clear that the team you should not meet the most right now is KT along with Hanwha.

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