He promised to win the WS… The humiliation of New York, the city of baseball, ‘side by side’

New York rivals Yankees and Mets, who shouted loudly to win the World Series before the season. However, when the season started, unexpected sluggishness hit them.

As of the 12th메이저놀이터 (Korean time), the Yankees and Mets are at the bottom of the American League Eastern Division (21-18) and fourth in the National League Eastern Division (18-20), respectively.

First is the Yankees’ sluggishness. The Yankees are one of the major league teams. Based on solid capital, they recruited a large number of superstars, and with steady results, they were nicknamed the ‘evil empire’.

Excluding the shortened season (2020), he has been achieving outstanding results, such as steadily climbing to the postseason since the 2017 season. Last year, he won 99-63, nearly 100 wins, and won the district title.

The Yankees have good spirits, but this year the airflow is strange. At the point of playing 39 games, it remains at the bottom of the earth. Of course, it cannot be said that they are clearly behind the 3rd place Boston Red Sox with a difference of ‘2.5’, but it is far from the expected result.

For the Yankees, Aaron Judge (31), who won the home run king in both leagues with 62 homers last year, was placed on the disabled list (IL) due to a hip injury this year, and his performance was also higher this season (batting average 0.262 6 Home run, 16 RBI, OPS 0.847) The performance dropped noticeably.

On the mound, Carlos Rodon (31), who was recruited as a free agent for 6 years and 162 million dollars (approximately 215.8 billion won) in the offseason, is unable to play due to a back injury. In addition, the Yankees are having difficulty managing their normal roster as 11 of their 40-man roster are on the injured list.

The team is shaking at the beginning of the season due to sluggishness and injury departures such as Judge, Rodon, Giancarlo Stanton (34), and Josh Donaldson (38).

▲ As of the 12th, the traditional strong New York Yankees fell to the bottom of the American League East Division.

Neighboring Mets aren’t much different either. In terms of win rate alone, it is worse than the Yankees. The Mets are currently recording a 5-straight losing series. The previous record in this part was in September 2012, which is the worst slump in 10 years.

The Mets launched a storm of off-season signings with the eccentric owner Stephen Cohen (67) at the forefront. The starting lineup was strengthened by signing Justin Verlander (40) and Japanese pitcher Senga Godai (30) through FA contracts, but the plan has been twisted from the start.

Verlander’s start to the season was delayed due to a back muscle injury, and Senga’s ups and downs are not providing stability. Ace Max Scherzer (39) is also unable to play his part due to a neck injury and foreign object controversy. This is a recent performance that puts the momentum of winning the district championship last year with 101 wins and 61 losses.

On the 13th, MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, announced the 10 most surprising facts of this season, mentioning the Yankees and the Mets’ sluggish performance along with the news of the last place in the world.

Now that I’ve played 25% of the league, things can change at any time. They are also a team with enough ability to rebound. Can the Yankees and Mets recover their pride as strong teams, escaping from their recent humiliating results?

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