“Ha-seong Kim is much better than our SS” trade rice cake, NYY also asked

Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego) is poised to travel all over the United States with rumors of a trade.

Pinstripe Alley, which covers the New York Yankees in the American media SB Nation, argued on the 5th (Korean time), “If San Diego really wants to hear a trade offer, New York should call.”

The local fan community has been booming for several days since the news that San Diego general manager AJ Preller has received trade inquiries for Kim Ha-sung and center fielder Trent Trisham (26). Minnesota, LA Dodgers, Boston, Atlanta, etc. Currently, teams that do not deserve a shortstop show interest in Kim Ha-seong every day.

This rice cake was asked by the New York Yankees this time. Pinstripe Alley said, “Before we get to know Ha-sung Kim’s profile, we have to admit that the New York Yankees haven’t given up on the shortstop strategy they planned for last winter. With the possibility of seeing Anthony Wolf (22) midseason, Isaiah is the starting shortstop. “Kiner-Faleppa (28) or Oswald Peraza (23) will likely be the opening day shortstop.”

The Yankees are not a team in need of a shortstop either. Volpe, who ranks fifth overall among MLB.com’s top 100 prospects and the team’s top prospect, is about to make his major league debut. Until then, the resources themselves are abundant with Keener-Palepa and Peraza. However, until Wolf came up, it was regrettable that both Cainer-Palepa and Feraza would be the starters of a contender team that should be aiming for a championship right away. In his 6th year in the big leagues, Cainer-Palepa had a career OPS of 0.663 and a wRC+ (adjusted scoring production) of 82, falling short of the league average of 100. Feraza is just a rookie who just debuted last year and played 18 games.

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong was sufficient as a candidate to fill the gap until the prospects matured properly in many ways. Ahead of the 2021 season, the four-year, $28 million (approximately 35.6 billion won) contract signed by Ha-seong Kim and San Diego has two years and $14 million (approximately 19.1 billion won) left. There is a mutual option worth $7 million (about 10.2 billion won) in 2025 and a buyout of $2 million (about 2.5 billion won), but it is not a burden at all for the rich club Yankees.

Skills aren’t bad either. He has a Gold Glove-class shortstop defense and wRC+ 105, which is above the league average in hitting production. Pinstripe Alley, who mentioned Ha-sung Kim’s contract terms and performance in the 2022 season, said, “I want to think of Ha-sung Kim as the rich man’s Cainer-Faleppa. “If there is a difference, Ha-seong Kim is much better than the current Yankees shortstop,” he explained.

“After a disappointing debut season, Kim Ha-seong showed that he can achieve above-average batting performance in many ways, such as strikeout rate, miss rate, and zone contact rate. However, Cainer Palepa has never shown above-average productivity.” added. 메이저사이트

Pinstripe Alley said, “San Diego loves Ha-Sung Kim’s defense as a shortstop and expects him to move smoothly to second base. And the fact that they’re looking for a starting pitcher who can play in the majors in return pushes the Yankees away from potential traders.” “We shouldn’t give up on the possibility of bringing Ha-Sung Kim. He seems the perfect candidate as a temporary shortstop that will allow the Yankees to be patient with Wolf and Feraza,” he recommended.