Gwangju FC recruits ‘Lee Jung-hyo’ centerback Kim Kyung-jae

Gwangju FC, a professional soccer team, recruited defender Kim Gyeong-jae, the ‘control tower’.

Gwangju announced on the 15th that it had recruited Kim Gyeong-jae (29), a defender who played an active role in the Jeonnam Dragons and메이저사이트 Jeju United.

Kim Kyung-jae, who is 183cm/73kg in size, is a central defender with excellent defense, tackle and build-up. He can play as defensive midfielder and fullback, and has earned the nickname ‘control tower’ for his skillful defensive reading and stable game operation.

Before coming to Gwangju, Kim Kyung-jae had dinner with director Lee Jeong-hyo twice. In 2012, Kim Gyeong-jae, who had a teacher’s relationship with coach Lee Jeong-hyo at his alma mater Ajou University, received the best player award at the 2015 Asian University Friendly Soccer Tournament and served as the team’s captain with excellent leadership.

Kim Kyung-jae, who made his professional debut wearing a Jeonnam uniform in 2016, played three seasons before enlisting in Sangmu for military service and playing an active role. Afterwards, he moved to Jeju and played 45 games in three seasons, contributing to the team’s promotion to the first division and advancing to the Final A for the second consecutive time.

Kim Kyung-jae, who became the third team with director Lee Jung-hyo, said, “I was able to grow greatly because of Lee Jung-hyo, both in college and in Jeju. And I think it’s an honor to be part of a team that proudly returned to the first division with amazing results last season. As he joined late, he will build up his body quickly and contribute to another history of the team.”

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