Goalkeeper warned ‘witty or trickery’

This is the action of the goalkeeper who received a warning.

Should I say witty or nasty?

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Dutch professional soccer.

The ball stabbed forward

… The goalkeeper came out. Kick it with a tackle.

And throw another ball to the ground to interrupt the opponent’s attack.

The opposing team players were angry.

The goal was empty, so it must have been a trick.

Eventually you get a warning for sabotage. 메이저사이트

We managed to buy time, but the opposing team must have been pissed off.


England FA Cup Round of 32.

Liverpool took the lead with Elliott’s goal in the 30th minute of the first half, but 9 minutes later, Brighton Lampty’s mid-range shot deflected to the defense and equalized.

Will it end like this?

Brighton’s last attack.

Brighton’s Mitoma beat the defender and scored a theatrical goal after the ball was passed over from a set piece.

One, two, three!

can you be so calm

Eliminate Liverpool and advance to the round of 16.

It’s been a top play so far.

Video editing: Minho Kim

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