From early morning to night… Training ground filled with sweat

Lotte Giants’ spring camp for the 2023 season is underway in the heat as hot as Guam’s hot weather. The Lotte team is developing their desire for autumn baseball, starting with early morning training and continuing to night training after official 메이저사이트 training.

On the 2nd, the first day of official training, the Lotte team arrived at the training venue, Dededo Sports Complex, before 9:00 am, the training start time. After arriving at the training ground in a minivan, the players unpacked their luggage and immediately participated in conditioning training.

The Lotte team will train for 19 days in two locations: the ‘Dededo Sports Complex’ equipped with an outdoor stadium and an indoor gym, and the ‘Paseo Baseball Stadium’ equipped with infield fungo and muscle training facilities. The Lotte club arranged separate stadiums for each position so that they could train smoothly.

On the first day, the Lotte team’s training was briefly interrupted by strong winds and showers shortly after it started. Due to two or three sudden squalls, the players showed a bit of a panic, but when the rain stopped, they ran straight to the ground.

After the afternoon training, the players moved to the base camp, Lotte Hotel Guam, to rest. However, the training for the day was not over. The players divided into groups again and practiced physical strength in the hotel parking lot and Paseo Baseball Stadium, promising to play well this season.

The coaches are also working on a schedule that is just as tight as that of the players, giving individual one-on-one guidance. Park Heung-sik, head coach and hitting coach of the 1st team, said in a conversation with the players after the official training, “Everyone must have had a firm mindset while coming to this overseas training camp.” I will help you make up for your shortcomings, so ask for help.”

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