‘Finally recruiting central defender’ Tottenham, two effects of joining Van der Ben

 Tottenham Hotspur have finally confirmed the signing of new centre-back Mickey van der Ven.

Tottenham announced the signing of Van der Ben on the club’s official website on the 8th (Korean time). His contract expires in June 2029 and he is assigned the number 37 shirt. The transfer fee was not disclosed, but according to Fabrizio Romano, a reporter specializing in the transfer market, it is known to be 50 million euros (approximately 72 billion won) including options.

Tottenham was a club that had to bring a central defender in the summer transfer market. Last season, despite scoring 70 goals in the league, the reason why Tottenham was only 8th in the league was because of its weak defense. Tottenham allowed 63 goals, 6th in the league for the most goals.

The player Tottenham chose to rebuild the collapsed defense was Van der Ben, a promising player from the Netherlands. The 22-year-old young resource shares the same nationality as Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk, earning him the nickname ‘The Second Van Dijk’. Van der Ben is a left-footed central defender that is hard to find in Europe. His build-up ability is also excellent. According to the football statistics site ‘FBREF’, his pass success rate last season was 87.7%.

The transfer fee was over 70 billion won, but it was an unavoidable choice for Tottenham. There are two effects that Tottenham can get through Van the Ben. He first laid the groundwork for attacking football. New coach Enze Postecoglu prefers more attacking football than his predecessors, José Mourinho and Antonio Conte. Van der Venn is a suitable resource for embodying Postecoglu’s philosophy.

A look at the Bundesliga stats confirms this fact. According to the official Bundesliga website, Van der Wen’s top speed last season was 35.97 km/h. It was the 9th fastest time in the Bundesliga. It can be seen that Van der Venn is 193cm tall, but is a fast defender. Thanks to the quick-footed Van der Ben, Tottenham can raise the defensive line and play aggressive football.

Finally, there is no need to use defenders who are no longer stable. The culprits who made Tottenham’s defense uneasy last season were Eric Dyer and Davinson Sanchez. In particular, Dyer played in 42 games in all competitions in the 2022/23 season, despite being heavily criticized for his passive defense, slow feet, and narrow defensive range. He had no choice but to use him because even his backup, Sanchez, was similar.

Dyer showed that he did not change in the Juan Gamper Trophy match against FC Barcelona held at Estadi Olympique Luis Companys in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 9th. In this game, he came out as a starter, but he lowered his head by providing an excuse for most of the conceding process. Tottenham conceded 4 runs and suffered a 2-4 come-from-behind defeat to Barcelona.메이저사이트

Thanks to the arrival of Van der Ben, Tottenham were able to solve their biggest problem. Tottenham will play the opening game of the 2023/24 season EPL against Brentford at G-Tech Community Stadium on the 13th. Attention is focused on how freshman Van the Ben will perform.

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