FC Anyang unveils 10th anniversary uniform

FC Anyang unveiled the 2023 season uniform design for the 10th anniversary of its founding.

FC Anyang, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, created a new classic and trendy uniform design by referring to the 2013 season uniform design, which was the club’s founding year. The FC Anyang uniform for the 2023 season applied a pattern based on the club’s main concept this season, ‘ONE ‘N ONLY VIOLET’. Based on the solid 토토사이트 identity of the past 10 years, Anyang contains the meaning of writing a history that will shine in the future.

In particular, the 2023 season uniform pays homage to the shield-type emblem applied to the founding uniform, inserting ‘2013’, the year of the club’s founding, and ‘2023’, the 10th anniversary year, to apply a new shield-type emblem. The English logo was added to add meaning to the 10th anniversary of the founding.

The home uniform emphasized the identity of Anyang by unifying the top, bottom, and stockings in purple, the unique color of FC Anyang, and added luxury by applying a neck collar reminiscent of the home uniform for the 2013 season. The away uniform is based on white, combining the same pattern as the home uniform with gray to express a sense of unity and naturalness, and purple and gold are used as point colors at the neckline and sleeve ends to add variety.

The pattern of the GK uniform was newly reconstructed based on the same color structure as the 2013 season uniform, and the strength of FC Anyang was expressed by giving black points to the neckline and sleeves to give an impact.

V-EXX Yu Se-jong, who oversaw the 2023 season FC Anyang uniform design, said, “As it is the club’s 10th anniversary, we focused on adding meaning to it. As a sponsor of supplies, we will provide maximum support so that the FC Anyang team can display their maximum performance.”

Meanwhile, FC Anyang will conduct the 2nd battery training in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 3rd (Fri).

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