“Failed to persuade the owner of Naples” .. ‘Choose adventure’ Kim Min-jae, ‘Decision to break up’

Napoli tried to convince Kim Min-jae (27) to stay, but it seems to have failed. In the end, Kim Min-jae is likely to break up with Naples this summer.

Italy’s 스포츠토토‘Tuto Napoli’ quoted Italy’s ‘Repubblica’ on the 12th (Korean time), and reported that Naples owner Aurelio de Laurentis tried to persuade Min-jae Kim, but Min-jae Kim had already decided to leave.” Min-jae

Kim is the main member of Napoli, which won Serie A for the first time in 33 years.As a built-in defender, he blocked the opponent’s offensive line and led to the league’s minimum number of goals (23).In addition, he gave strength to the attack with his quick feet and wide field of vision

. He has become a target of big clubs in Europe, such as Manchester United (Man United), Manchester City (Man City), Liverpool, Tottenham, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Bayern Munich

. The ransom of Kim Min-

jae , who is being evaluated, jumped from 18 million euros (about 26.2 billion won) to more than 50 million euros (about 72.8 billion won) when he joined Naples from Fenerbahce (Turkiye) last summer. Urgent Manchester United has prepared a buyout amount of 60 million euros for the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, and local media are reporting that Kim Min-jae’s Manchester United is close.

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According to the article, De Laurentiis persuaded Kim Min-jae to remove the buyout clause. Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause of 50 to 60 million euros (approximately 72.8 to 87.4 billion won), which will be activated for two weeks from July 1 to 15.

Napoli has been constantly asking Kim Min-jae to delete the buyout clause along with the promise of a salary increase. This time, it seems that even Chairman De Laurentiis came forward and persuaded Min-jae Kim. However, these efforts have not yielded any significant results so far.

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The media said, “Because of this, there are expectations that Min-jae Kim wants to start another adventure.” “I am being tempted by the offer of an annual salary of 6 million euros (about 8.7 billion won) guaranteed to Min-jae Kim by the England club (Man Utd). “he emphasized.

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