Explosion of interest in every move, there is even a ‘Otani professional reporter’ in the United States.

The free agency, or trade, of Shohei Ohtani from the Los Angeles Angels seems to be the best major league news of the year.

On the 7th, ‘MLB Trade Rumors’, which delivers the news of major league transfers, posted the news on its official website that it was looking for a reporter specializing in Ohtani.

The above media said,온라인바카라 “The news of Ohtani’s free agency deserves special treatment here (Trade Rumors). He is always doing unprecedented things and will be free in 7 months. We have articles related to Ohtani. We plan to write more and are looking for a new part-time reporter.”

Regarding the detailed work, “A separate page will be set up so that those who want to see articles about Ohtani can always get information. There, Ohtani game results will be updated regularly and coverage of his MVP or Cy Young Award opportunities can be included. there is,” he said. It also monitors and translates Japanese media reports about Otani into English.

Qualifications for application include graduation from high school or higher, proficiency in English and Japanese, Ohtani’s pre-season blog updates, writing skills and experience, ability to concisely grasp the context of an article and write a post, experience in using social media, and Ohtani’s entry into the major leagues. An understanding of history is required.

Ohtani, who entered the major leagues ahead of 2018, will complete the first FA requirements after completing six years of full-time at the end of this season. It is expected that Ohtani, who can handle both innings and at-bats as a pitcher and hitter, will set up a negotiating table starting from a minimum of $500 million because he has the effect of recruiting two players. As a result, the number of eyes following Ohtani’s destination is expected to increase exponentially.

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