Even if you can’t hit, 2 walks and 1 stolen base… Bae Ji-hwan lead-off OK, smooth ML adaptation

 Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh Pirates) is smoothly adapting to the major leagues.

On the 13th (Korean time), Bae Ji-hwan started as the first shortstop in the 2023 major league home game against the Houston Astros held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He went 0-for-2 with 2 walks and 1 stolen base. His season batting average was 0.229.

Bae Ji-hwan was included as a surprise in the opening entry,메이저놀이터 and at the beginning of the season, he showed an impact in the air and defense in his own way. He increases his value as an infield and outfield multiplayer. He showed tremendous outfield rain, and he found a spot in the infield as starting shortstop O’Neal Cruz took a hiatus due to ankle surgery. A situation where he could coexist with Rodolfo Castro, who was competing for his seat.

On this day, Bae Ji-hwan was given the opportunity to become a shortstop. In the bottom of the first inning, which was 0-0, against Houston starting pitcher Jose Urquidi, he struck out on a 5-pitch curveball with a ball count of 1B2S. However, in the bottom of the 3rd inning, trailing 0-1, with two outs and no runners, he walked and got on base. He calmly picked out 4-6 pitch curveballs and changeups in 1B2S. Brian Reynolds stole second base in the subsequent at-bat. Season 3 Steal.

Bae Ji-hwan came out as the lead batter in the bottom of the 6th inning when the score was 0-2. He hit 1B1S, 92 mph, four-seam, and missed the ball to left-center. The course is good, so hits are expected. However, Houston left fielder Cory Jerks threw the ball and cleared it.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, trailing 0-7, Bae Ji-hwan singled out a walk from Brian Abreu with no runners on second out. After Reynolds’ heavy hit, he passed through second base and entered third base. However, it failed to score as Andrew McCutchen struck out.

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