Establishment of Ballistic Golf Golf Team … Recruitment of 7 players including ‘KLPGA runner-up twice’ Kwon Seo-yeon

Premium golf brand BALLISTIC GOLF recruited 7 players from the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour and the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour and established a golf team.

Ballistic Golf recently held a signing ceremony by founding the ‘2023 Team Ballistic Golf Team’ at the Ballistic Golf headquarters located in Songpa, Seoul.

Team Ballistic consists of 5 KLPGA tour players, Kwon Seo-yeon, Heo Da-bin, Choi Ga-bin, Kim Woo-jung, and Joo-in Joo-in, and KPGA tour Han Seung-soo and Han Jae-min.

In particular, Kwon Seo-yeon (23) is a promising player who ranked 4th in the rookie rankings of the KLPGA tour last year.

Heo Da-bin, who has been in his 7th year of professional debut this year, made a foreboding of a big success in the 2023 season, such as tying for 4th at the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship held in December of last year.

Choi Ga-bin won 3 wins in the Dream Tour last year and came in 3rd place in the prize money ranking, and this year he became active in the KLPGA regular tour. He is attracting attention as a promising player, such as winning the jump tour.슬롯사이트

Han Seung-soo, a native of the U.S., showed outstanding performance by finishing runner-up at the LG SIGNATURE Players Championship last year, and Han Jae-min, a former national team member, is a rookie who is expected to play an active role this year by securing a full seed for the KPGA Tour.

Jaewon Kim, CEO of Ballistic Golf, said, “Starting this year, we will strengthen sports marketing through Team Ballistic in earnest and provide various support so that sponsored players can perform tour activities stably.”

The event was attended by CEO Kim Jae-won, SBS commentator Jae-yeol Kim, and the selected Teamballistic Seo-yeon Kwon, Ga-bin Choi, Woo-jung Kim, Seung-soo Han, and Jae-min Han from Teamballistic.

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