‘End of 16 years of playing career’ Park Joo-ho “I want to give 100 points to my soccer life”

life as a player , and I have been challenging myself.

The character itself is a character that has no regrets. At the point of completion, it was 60-70 points, but today I have no regrets left, so I want to give it 100 points.메이저사이트

-Why he decided to retire

He has been thinking about retirement since last year. He wanted to retire when he was feeling better and when he was out of the game. Last year, I didn’t want it to look like I was retiring because of my wife’s illness. When he thought about whether he had more passion for this season, he thought that it was too much for him. I have slowly decided to retire.

  • When Suwon FC was in trouble,

it was about 5th when I told the retirement team about my intention to retire. I thought that the players could do it even if I missed it. Lee Young-jae, who comes in the summer, can play a different role than me, and can be reinforced through the summer transfer market. After that, it was difficult with a losing streak, but I won the Suwon derby.

-The happiest memories and the worst memories The most

happy moments come from the K-League. Like winning the Asian Champions League in Ulsan, today was one of the very happy moments. The moments in the top split the year before last were the happiest. The bad memories are when I won the runner-up in Ulsan in 2019. Other than that, nothing else comes to mind.

-retirement advice
I didn’t tell other players or teammates. After making my final decision, I only talked to (Lee) Yong-i. I prepared without telling the players until after the Jeonbuk match. What I talked about after the Jeonbuk match was rumored to be circulating, so I wanted to convey it directly rather than through an article. I talked a lot with my family and the company. My will was the most important.

  • What kind of player were you?

Your style always changed. A lot of coaches gave me love while setting up various positions. He was always a player who did his best for the team and in any given situation.

  • Overseas fans also sent messages saying that they worked hard.

A friend in Japan contacted me saying that the hook was caught in Mito Holly Hawk. The friend also said he had seen the news. We talked candidly about retirement. That friend was Shinji Kagawa. Since we are similar in age, we always formed a consensus on when to retire. Sergio Costa, who was the coach of the national team, also contacted me and said ‘thank you, a player with many good memories’. Couldn’t check the message. I will share the story later. -When I first talked about the reactions of

Park Na-eun and Park Gun-hoo, Na-eun and Gun-hoo were sad, but Na-eun said, ‘Then, what will Dad earn money from now?’

He hugged that he suffered. I was told not to cook even if I did anything else. Geon-hoo was sad because he was into soccer these days, and whined about why he was quitting. He liked it because he said he could play soccer with you more

  • A memorable victory at Suwon FC

Suwon FC’s memorable moment The first win in Ulsan is memorable, and I remember the match I won last year after failing to win against Pohang. Even against Seoul, which I had never won before, the game where I won 4-3 was also memorable.

-Future Plans

Future plans seem to need to be sorted out. Nothing has been decided, and I think I will think about what I can do while spending time with my family in June.

-Reaction of Suwon FC players

The players continued to dissuade them. I am grateful to the players for thinking of me as precious, but I am sorry. He said he couldn’t reverse it. I joked that I could take a break and come back like Jo Won-hee after six months.

-A story shared with Ulsan players

Ulsan players suffered. He told me it wasn’t like other people’s work. There was an event at the stadium, and we couldn’t talk much because we didn’t have enough time. Already the day before, colleagues like Lee Chung-yong and Park Yong-woo talked a lot through messages and phone calls.

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