Do you know ‘Mental Man’ Schaeffler won the Phoenix Open ‘Golf Liberation Zone’?

Golf is called a gentleman’s sport. The spectators, called the ‘gallery’, should not interfere with the players’ shots and cheer in a quiet atmosphere. However, the Phoenix Open is a little different. In particular, the 16th hole (par 3), watched by 20,000 spectators, is not lacking in its enthusiasm compared to other sports.

This is why Scotty Scheffler (27, USA) is even more amazing. Schaeffler won the 2022-2023 US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour WM Phoenix Open held at TPC Scottsdale (par 71, 7261 yards) in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 13th (Korean time) with a final total of 19 under par 265 strokes. heard. Became the Emperor of Scottsdale for two years in a row.

There was a reason why the Phoenix Open was expected. This is because the size of the prize money has more than doubled ahead 스포츠토토of this season and there is a different landscape that is not often found in golf.

But the Phoenix Open is different. In particular, the view of the 16th hole, which is called the ‘golf liberation zone’, is admirable. A player standing on the tee box is surrounded by spectators on three sides. Various cheers and booing pour out from the spectator seats, called the Colosseum, which accommodates 20,000 spectators. The spectators enjoy beer as if expressing their suppressed emotions and express their feelings without hiding them in each player’s play.

It is one of the hurdles that players must overcome. If your shot doesn’t get on the green, you’ll be booed. Even before getting to the tee box, this kind of reaction comes out. On the other hand, when an elaborate shot is made, the audience responds by throwing beer cans and water bottles in admiration. All of this is allowed in the ‘Golf Liberation Zone’. To this end, spectators sometimes stage an ‘open run’ to get a good seat.

Kim Joo-hyung (21, CJ Logistics), who has established himself as a young gun representing the PGA with outstanding performance and outstanding skills, took a tee shot wearing the uniform of NBA star Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) representing Phoenix. .

Attention was also focused on the shot of Schaeffler, the winner by far. Schaeffler, who had been ahead of the race for the lead by making an eagle earlier, defended the par amidst the explosive reaction of the crowd. On the other hand, Nick Taylor (Canada) could not overcome this burden and missed a par putt by about 2m, and had to watch Schaeffler win.

Schaeffler once again made Phoenix the Promised Land. As the Phoenix Open breaks the taboo of golf and pushes players to the limit, Schaeffler further clearly demonstrated the importance of an unshakable mentality under any circumstances.

Golf is a very sensitive sport. Even a small noise can affect players, so quiet is required. This is why some critics say it is static and uninteresting.

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