‘Disclosure of conflict with Gobert’ Russell to LAL, there was a reason he had no choice but to leave

Russell and Gobert didn’t get along.

John Krausinski, a reporter for the Minnesota Timberwolves of ‘The Athletic’, appeared on a radio broadcast on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time) and talked about the relationship between D’Angelo Russell and Rudy Gobert.

The future of D’Angelo Russell, who created many rumors, was decided on the 9th. Russell, who had one year left on his contract with Minnesota, was traded back to the Lakers, where he started his pro career. But the length of his contract isn’t the only reason Russell was traded. 

One of Minnesota’s challenges this season was maximizing the synergy between the newly joined Gobare and the guards. However, Russell, who was Minnesota’s field commander, had trouble breathing with Gobert. This was one of the reasons Minnesota couldn’t hit and climb.

Reporter Krausinski said there were problems with team chemistry within Minnesota. At the center of the problem were the main players, Russell and Gobert, and it is said that it has become more serious recently. In particular, it was sai메이저놀이터d that Russell had a negative view of Gobert.

“Minnesota has had a hard time getting along with Rudy Gobert and finding a way to play with him,” said Krausinski. Russell’s disappointment was evident inside the Minnesota locker room, and when I went into the locker room to cover it, I could hear him actively talking about the situation.”

“I also spoke with coaches and players from other teams who heard Russell criticize Gobert during the game. Russell was very disappointed with Gobert and, like other players’ attempts, to play with him or find a happy relationship. There was a perception that they weren’t very open about it,” he added.

Naturally, Gobert knew that Russell did not like him. That’s why Gobert is likely to be positive about Russell’s departure and Conley’s joining from Utah.

Reporter Krausinski said, “In the corner of Russell’s heart, he knew he wasn’t there. Mike Conley is a player closer to Go Baer and I think Go Baer would be delighted to reunite with his old teammate.”

The next match between Minnesota and the Lakers will be on March 4 at the Crypto.com Arena.

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