Director Chi Chi rejects Korea’s 4-year contract offer… want to go to europe

(Best Eleven)

Brazilian media reported that Chichi had recently rejected an offer from South Korea regarding the future of the Brazilian national football team.

Brazilian media <Um Dois Esporchi> reported that coach Chichi recently rejected the offer to head the Korean national soccer team메이저사이트, and also showed a negative reaction to the Ecuadorian national soccer team coaching position.

Also, Chichi said he wants to rest until June 2023. It is known that he hopes to relieve the fatigue accumulated while taking over the leadership of the Brazilian national football team for six years through rest with his family and to cure chronic knee pain.

The proposal made by the Korea Football Association to coach Chi Chi became known in detail. Chichi’s agent, Gilmar Belloz, said he had been offered a four-year contract as head coach of the Korean national football team, which has multiple goals, including winning the 2023 AFC Asian Cup and advancing to United at the 2026 FIFA World Cup. However, Director Chi Chi said that he was grateful for this proposal but decided not to accept it. Chichi was also offered a four-year contract by Ecuador, but it is known that he felt burdened by having to jump right into work from March.

Coach Chichi is known to have expressed his desire to continue his coaching career in Europe in the future. <Um dois Esporchi> predicted that Portugal, Spain, and Italy, where there are no linguistic problems, would be the main stages. 

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