‘Defensive Craftsman’ Kim Ha-seong’s first ML All-Star dream… There is no impossible, the value of 49.8 billion won is ‘recognized’

Will Kim Ha-seong’s (San Diego Padres) dream of participating in the first All-Star Game come true?

MLB.com released the interim tally of All-Star fan votes earlier this week. Kim Ha-seong ranked ninth in the National League second baseman category. There was a gap of about 420,000 votes with Luis Araez (Miami Marlins), who is running in the lead. Realistically, it would not be easy for Kim Ha-seong to participate in the All-Star game through fan voting.안전놀이터

However, it is not that Kim Ha-seong has no way to go to the All-Star Game. He can go as a recommended player to the Major League Secretariat or the All-Star manager. The history of Korean major leaguers participating in the All-Star Game is Park Chan-ho in 2001, Kim Byung-hyun in 2002, Choo Shin-soo in 2018, and Ryu Hyun-jin in 2019. All four participated on the recommendation of the coach.

In fan voting, popularity and attack power are inevitably important. Because it is the most visible. Although Kim Ha-seong is in his third year in the big leagues, it is difficult to see that he is still well-known in the United States. His offense isn’t very good among NL second basemen either.

In the end, the part that Kim Ha-seong can appeal to is defense. As for defense, it has already surpassed the National League and is at the top of all major league center infielders. In the case of DRS (run suppression) based on fan graphs, a total of 16 with 2nd baseman 10, 3rd baseman 2, and shortstop 4 until the last 15th (hereinafter Korean time). This means that San Diego held back 16 points thanks to Ha-sung Kim’s defense.

UZR (defensive index evaluated by subdivision) is also 1.9 (shortstop 0) with 2nd baseman 1.3 and 3rd baseman 0.6. OAA (output production average) is 7 with 6 at second base and 1 at third base (0 at shortstop). Ha-seong Kim is an elite defender in terms of defensive range, batted ball judgment, catching and throwing ability, etc.

On the 15th, MLB.com selected the top 10 most likely to be selected among players aiming to play in the All-Star Game for the first time this season. Randy Arozarena (Tampa Bay Rays), Alex Cobb (San Francisco Giants), Yandi Diaz (Tampa Bay), Jack Gallon (Arizona Diamondbacks), Kevin Kiermeyer (Toronto Blue Jays), Sean Murphy (Atlanta Braves), Brandon Nemo (New York) Mets), Lewis Robert Jr. (Chicago White Sox), Will Smith (LA Dodgers), Jorge Solaire (Miami Marlins). Kim Ha-seong is absent.

Ha-seong Kim, along with Elias Diaz (Colorado Rockies), John Gray (Texas Rangers), Lourdes Gurriel Jr. (Arizona Diamondbacks), Mitch Keller (Pittsburgh Pirates), and Alex Verdugo (Boston Red Sox), made ‘Honorable mentions’, a kind of Entered the lineup for the spirit of battle. It is interpreted that the value of the ransom of 39 million dollars (about 49.8 billion won) has been recognized to some extent by MLB.com.

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