‘DB Comeback’ Seo Min-soo “Position? I will follow the director’s order”

“There are good players at position 4, (Kim) Jong-gyu and (Kang) Sang-jae.”

On the 16th, Wonju DB Promy announced that they had signed a contract with forward Seo Min-soo for 3 years and a total fee of 200 million won for the first year.

Seo Min-soo,카지노사이트 from Dongguk University, wore a DB uniform with the 9th pick in the 1st round of the 2015 draft. Afterwards, Seo Min-soo, who moved to LG as a free agent compensation player for Kim Jong-gyu, decided to return to Wonju this year when he obtained FA qualification.

Seo Min-soo said, “It is regrettable that I am leaving LG, but I chose it because the DB club looked at me favorably. I decided to go to DB,” he said.

He continued, “I am fine with no problems at the moment. The fact that I am returning to Wonju is still very real, and I don’t think I have any special feelings. I think I will feel more strongly when I join the team and play the opening game at home next season while working out. “he added.

While Seo Min-soo was active at LG, there were many changes in DB. Head coach Kim Joo-seong, who was the best on the team in his early days as a professional, took over the helm from this year, and as of the players who played with Seo Min-soo, only Doo Kyung-min and Kim Hyeon-ho remain on the current roster. It is said that Seo Min-soo burned his will while talking on the phone with Doo Kyung-min and Kim Hyun-ho after the contract.

Seo Min-soo said, “I still find it awkward to be called coach. (Laughs) I went to the army and coach Kim Joo-seong retired. Back then, I called him hyung and followed him, played matches, and lived together, ate and drank coffee, but now he’s become a coach. It will be awkward at first, and I think I will have to adapt quickly.”

Seo Min-soo showed growth by playing as the team’s main forward after moving to LG, but his position decreased significantly last season due to the aftermath of his injury. Seo Min-soo, who revealed that he is fine with his current physical condition, is aiming for a rebound with his first FA contract in his life.

Seo Min-soo said, “I was at LG for about three years, but in the first year of coach Cho Seong-won, the team’s performance fell even though the performance was good. From the next season, I personally suffered injuries and showed a bad performance. I feel really sorry for LG fans, and DB I will prepare well and try to find the balance quickly.”

In addition to Seo Min-soo, DB also has excellent tall resources such as Kim Jong-gyu and Kang Sang-jae. Seo Min-soo can play as a back-up for the 4th position, or he can play the 3rd position as a triple post lineup like Kim Jong-gyu and Kang Sang-jae. His excellent shooting ability is expected to further expand his use.

Seo Min-soo said, “It’s not a comfortable position, but there is something the coach wants, so I think I have to adapt to it. At the number 4 position, there are good players called (Kim) Jong-gyu and (Kang) Sang-jae. If you play at number 4, Jong-gyu and Sang-jae It’s going to be a break, so I think I need to support him and relieve the burden, and if it’s the third time, I’ll try not to be pushed back in the height fight, and I’ll try to be a help in such a way,” he said.

Lastly, Seo Min-soo expressed his apologies to the LG fans for not being able to perform well last season due to injury, and asked for a lot of support from the DB fans.

Seo Min-soo said, “LG ​​achieved good results this year, but personally, I am sorry that I showed a sluggish performance due to injury. I think a lot of support will come if I show myself. I will try to show a good image, so please give me a lot of support.”

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