Confession of a pitcher who ended up on the injured list due to worsening anxiety from ‘Corona → Pitch Clock’

Anxiety was the reason Oakland Athletics reliever Trevor May was placed on the injured list (IL) last month.

May, who debuted in the major leagues in 2014, pitched in relief in eight games this season and recorded an average ERA of 12.00 with 2 wins and 3 losses and was listed on the IL on the 20th of last month (Korean time). His career record is 34 wins, 27 losses, 12 saves and 66 holds in 317 games with an earned run average of 4.46.먹튀검증

When May came to IL last month, the symptom was ‘anxiety’. ‘Fox Sports’ published an interview with him on the 20th and said, “May has had anxiety before, but she has overcome it herself. Symptoms recurred.”

“If I felt nervous, I would get off the mound, take a deep breath, and throw again before throwing the next pitch,” May said. no,” he recalled.

“Family issues outside the baseball field also raised anxiety. I thought about retiring, but Ben Strak, the club’s exclusive psychiatrist, told me, ‘Even if you finish baseball now, you are still you.

Auckland manager Mark Katsay said in a recent media interview that “May is working with the club’s support team and following the schedule. ” I want to match his speed and comfort. The team will follow him when he is ready.”

▲ Trevor May

May did not come back from the injured list, but joined the club’s clubhouse ahead of the Cincinnati Reds game on the 1st of this month. May met with reporters that day and said, “The first time I had a mental hardship was when the corona virus started in 2020. Now I feel comfortable talking about my symptoms outside.”

May continued, “I write a lot to overcome my anxiety. I wanted to remember and document my problems so I can start over later. I wanted to be around people because not only me but other people can also fail. I don’t pitch, but I want to listen to the concerns of my teammates in the clubhouse,” he said, revealing the reason for returning to the team.

In addition to May this season, Colorado Rockies pitcher Daniel Bard and Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows also joined the IL due to anxiety. Referring to the two players, May thanked them for “inspiring me to be more comfortable in appealing to the public in my situation.”

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