Coach Jung Hyeon-wook joins the WBC national team, how to operate the Samsung pitching part 

Samsung’s 1st team pitching coach Hyun-wook Jung will join the World Baseball Classic (WBC) as the coaching staff from the 14th. Accordingly, the Samsung 1st team camp pitching part is operated under the system of 1st team bullpen coach Kwon Oh-joon and Park Hee-soo, Yuk Sung-gun pitching coach. 

After temporarily returning to Korea on the 12th, coach Jung Hyun-wook will join the WBC national coaching staff from the 14th. Coach Park Hee-soo moved from the Futures Camp to the 1st-team camp from the 11th and is in charge카지노사이트 of pitching guidance.

Coach Kwon Oh-joon and coach Park Hee-soo have one thing in common: they were from the hold king. 

Coach Kwon Oh-joon is Samsung’s representative one-club man, and after his debut in 1999, he only played for Samsung for 19 years. He went 37-25 with 24 saves and 87 holds in 593 career games. He had an earned run average of 3.64. He played an active role as a key member of the guarding baseball team, such as being ranked first in holds (32) in 2006. After his active retirement, he is active as a bullpen coach for the first team after going through Futures League scouting and fostering pitching coach. 

Coach Park Hee-soo started his pro career at SK in 2002 and pitched in 397 games, recording 21 wins, 22 losses, 79 saves and 60 holds (ERA 3.02). He won 34 holds in 2012, ranking first in the category. Coach Park Hee-soo, who finished his active career in 2020, has been recognized for his ability as a leader by working as a commercial pitching coach since 2021. 

Manager Park Jin-man predicted, “There are coaches for each type of pitch, such as right-hander coach Jung Hyeon-wook, sidearm coach Kwon Oh-jun, and left-hander coach Park Hee-soo, so it will be very helpful in guiding players.” 

In particular, he said, “Lefty coach Park Hee-soo’s main weapon during his active career was a two-seam fastball, but the importance of the two-seam fastball has increased recently, so it will be of great help to left-handed pitchers participating in first-team camp.” 

Futures hitting coach Tachibana Yoshiie and Futures pitching coach Kazuya Tabata will join the first-team camp after the Futures camp without going to Korea. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “The Futures team is scheduled to return to Korea on the 26th, but coach Tachibana and coach Tabata will join the first team camp. Since they will play an important role in our team in the future, we will identify the players participating in the first team camp and exchange opinions with the existing coaching staff.

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