‘Cartoon Soccer’ today too ‥ Train play ‘Shoot!’

Let’s meet Japanese high school soccer players who try their cartoon-like imagination in real life at Top Play.

◀ Report ▶

It’s the quarterfinals of the Japanese High School Soccer Championship.

The goalkeeper caught the defender’s back pass with his hand.

uh? This is an indirect free kick.

It’s closer than a penalty kick.메이저놀이터

But what is it? 11 players stand in a line at the goalpost and prepare to block.

The side taking the free kick is planning something, huh? Line up like a train game.

And I blocked one, two, three shots!

An airborne confrontation between the two teams that can only be seen in cartoons!

The creativity of the players is perfect.



Golden State trailed by 4 points with 4 seconds left.

Thompson’s stone store is going in!

Dramatic tying three-pointer. With 1 second left, I wanted to go overtime, but the shot went

in as Detroit Bay fell !

End Buzzer Beater!

He was truly a general and a fool.

It’s been a top play so far.