Big leagues and home stadiums are too small… Ohtani’s “Great June”

Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani wraps up ‘The Great June’. He hit 15 home runs and reached the 30 home run mark early, and his monthly slugging percentage exceeded 9.5. Even as a pitcher, he threw over 30 innings and maintained an earned run average in the early 3-point range. Even the major leagues, where only the best players in the world were gathered, felt narrow.

Batter Ohtani’s performance during the month of June was outside the norm. He far exceeded the 3/4/5 slash line (batting average of 30%, on-base percentage of 40%, and slugging percentage of 50%), which is also called the baseline for traditional sluggers. He had a batting average of 0.394 and an on-base percentage of 0.492. His slugging percentage was 0.952.

What he particularly stood out was his ‘one shot’ ability. He drove in 41 hits in 104 at-bats for the month, 15 of which went over the fence. 1 out of 3 of his hits was a home run. Thanks to this cannon show, Ohtani led both leagues in this category with 30 home runs this season. It is two behind Matt Olsen (Atlanta Braves), who is second overall, and six behind Lewis Robert (Chicago White Sox), who is second in the American League.

Ohtani’s slugging ability, which is of a different class, was also evident in the previous game on the last day of June. He pulled a thread-streaked slider down the middle of Arizona lefty Tommy Henry like a thunderbolt and turned it into a superior solo thrower. He was a super-large arch with an official flight distance of 150.3m. This is the longest home run in the big leagues this season.

His steady performance was the same on the mound. He went 2-2 with a 3.26 earned run average in 5 starts over the month. He was shaken for a while with an ERA of 4 points in the preceding May, but showed a stable appearance again last month and harvested up to the 7th win of the season.

If he plays well against the San Diego Padres on the 4th (local time), Ohtani will re-enter the season with an ERA of 2 points. He was originally scheduled to take the mound on the 3rd, but due to a broken middle fingernail in his right hand, his appearance was postponed for a day.

Even in July, when it gets hotter, if he can continue his previous momentum in pitching and hitting, his chances of winning the American League MVP this season will greatly increase. Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, who was last year’s MVP and was considered Ohtani’s strongest opponent this year, has been out for over a month due to a toe injury.아톰카지노

Ohtani of the world also had a break in the first game in July. In the home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on the 1st, he started as the designated hitter 3 times and went silent with 2 strikeouts in 4 at-bats. It is the first time in nine games since the 21st of last month that Ohtani failed to hit a hit in a game he started as a batter.

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