Bears ‘Yang Duo’ Yang Eui-ji + Yang Seok-hwan…’Two shots that are reliable just by looking at them’

Doosan is competing for the top ranks, breaking everyone’s expectations at the beginning of the season. Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan, the duo leading the batting line, warmed up with a relaxed expression ahead of the match against No. 1 SSG.

Incheon SSG Landers먹튀검증 Field on the 29th, where the match between SSG Landers and Doosan Bears was held. Due to the rain from the morning, the SSG players of the home team warmed up indoors. When the rain stopped by the time the visiting team arrived, Doosan players came out one by one to prepare for training.

Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan started talking with coach Jung Soo-seong in front of the third base dugout. With the offensive power of both duos, Doosan is marking the top ranks at the beginning of the season. Prior to the match on the 29th, SSG ranked 4th with a difference of 2.5 games.

Yang Eui-ji, who returned to his team after 5 years, is stably leading the young pitchers in defense and creating RBIs at the decisive moment with his unique non-intentional hitting method in offense. batting average of 0.293 with 22 hits, 1 home run and 10 RBIs. The previous day, he played as the designated hitter 4 times and was sluggish with no hits in 3 at-bats, 2 strikeouts and 1 walk, but Yang Eui-ji’s hitting feeling at the beginning of the season is still good.

At the end of this season, Yang Seok-hwan’s bat is the hottest at the beginning of the season. Yang Seok-hwan, who recorded 2 hits in 4 at-bats the previous day as well, has a batting average of 0.316, 25 hits, 6 home runs and 16 RBIs.

With Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan making great strides, the Doosan Bears, led by coach Lee Seung-yeop, are competing for the lead, breaking everyone’s expectations at the beginning of the season.

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