Ban Toan revealed the secret story behind his transfer to Seoul E-Land “Director Park Hang-seo”

Pro soccer K League 2 Seoul E-Land FC striker Ban Toan (26) revealed the secret story of his transfer that he was influenced by coach Park Hang-seo to step on the Korean stage.

 Bantoan said through Seoul E-Land’s안전놀이터 ‘2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held at the Changwon International Hotel on the afternoon of the 14th, “Director Park Hang-seo had a great influence, but I was surprised that coach Park Choong-gyun took office (as a new command tower). New changes and challenges were needed,” he said.

 Ban Toan is the first player to join Seoul E-Land as a Southeast Asian quarter. Playing as a side striker for the Vietnamese national team, he went back and forth between the U-23 national team and the A national team led by former Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo, and finished runner-up at the 2018 AFC U-23 Asian Cup. He received a lot of attention by lifting the championship trophy at the 2018 Suzuki Cup and the 2019 King’s Cup.

 Bantoan stepped on the K-League ground for a challenge. What kind of advice did former director Park of ‘Gift’ give? Former coach Park Hang-seo is a person who left a significant footprint in the K-League before taking the baton in Vietnam. Bantoan said, “He advised me that it would be very difficult. He also told me that the soccer styles of Korea and Vietnam are very different, and that Korean soccer is powerful and strong, so if I overcome this point, I will be able to do it.” You can see it,” he said.

 He has a deep relationship not only with former coach Park Hang-seo, but also with new Seoul E-Land coach Park Choong-gyun. He had a relationship as a priest when he was the head coach and right-hand man of former manager Park Hang-seo. Director Park Choong-gyun said, “Bantoan seems to be familiar with Korean directors thanks to director Park Hang-seo. He quickly adapts and melts into the team,” he said. “It is a player with characteristics. I expect that the advantages he has will be of great help to our team.”

 Van Toan also said, “I worked with the director a few times in Vietnam. He has been together in Korea for less than two months. If you follow what the coach wants, you will be able to have a better relationship and play soccer more comfortably.”

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