‘AVG 0.302’ Park Chan-ho has never had a space this big…Leader of the KIA infield, I don’t know where he is, but I know where he is.

How big was the void of Park Chan-ho (28) for KIA?

KIA’s cold rain in the sixth inning of the 13th game against Gwangju Lotte was even more disappointing because it was a game where the absence of Park Chan-ho was fully realized. The loss confirmed that Park Chan-ho has grown from an offensive player to an irreplaceable player. It was a costly loss.메이저사이트

Down 5-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning against Samsung Electronics in Daegu on April 12, Chan-ho Park hit a line drive three yards deep to Taylor Widener at second base. He then attempted a head-first slide to first base. It wasn’t a good thing he was thrown out, as he tore a ligament in his left fourth finger.

As a result, Park missed the Gwangju Lotte game on July 13. For the time being, he won’t be able to hit, only field and run the bases. The diagnosis was that he would be out of action for about three weeks. This is the worst possible outcome for both KIA and Chan-ho Park. It’s devastating.

First of all, KIA felt the absence of Park Chan-ho. After scoring one run in the fifth inning against Lotte starter Shim Jae-min, the team lost in a rainout. Park Chan-ho, who is batting .302 this season and has improved his contact ability, was a huge presence. It would have been nice to see him batting ninth or even first. Now, he’s a hitter you can count on to get at least one or two hits a day.

Crucially, there were gaps in the infield defense. Kim Do-young moved to shortstop and Choi Jeong-yong moved to third base, but coincidentally, Choi Jeong-yong made a crucial mistake that changed the game. It was 0-0 in the top of the third inning. Choi Jung-yong caught Yoon Dong-hee’s pitch and lost the ball in his glove after taking third base.

It was a good hit. He took third quickly, so if he threw home, he could have gotten a double. Lotte scored the first run of the game, and Ahn Chi-hong hit a two-run double down the left-field line. “Deadly,” said SBS Sports commentator Kim Tae-hyung, who broadcast the game.

The result. Kim Do-young could have made a similar mistake. Choi Jeong-yong is an all-weather backup in the infield and has decent defense. But so far this season, Kim Do-young is the one who is most accustomed to playing third base. It’s a far-fetched hypothetical, but if Park Chan-ho was available, Kim would be in that spot. This is the climax of the ranking battle. Losing your best shortstop for about three weeks at this time of year is a huge blow.

It’s also a big loss for Park himself. Along with his first career triple, he was said to have been eager to play in every game. However, his absence on this day prevented him from playing the entire game. It’s definitely bad news for the shortstop Golden Glove race. Right now, he’s narrowly ahead of Oh Ji-hwan (LG), but who knows what will happen in the next three weeks.

This is why head-first sliding into first base is so deadly. It’s no secret that he was desperate to try and help his team in any way he could. But to be out for three weeks at this time of year is just too damaging. I don’t know if there’s a place for me, but I know there is. We have Kim Sun-bin, but the absence of Park Chan-ho, who has grown into a real leader in the KIA infield, is greatly felt.

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