‘Are you crying again?’ 33,000 spectators at Suarez’s new team induction ceremony

Luis Suárez (35, Uruguay) shed tears at the signing ceremony for Gremio, Brazil.

Suárez joined the prestigious Brazilian club Gremio on the 1st (Korean time). His contract is for two years until the end of 2024. Suárez was handed a jersey with the number 9 on it. Suárez, who recently terminated his contract with Uruguay Nacional, plays in the Brazilian league for the first time in his life.

On the 6th, a grand initiation ceremony was held at the Arena do Gremiu in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Suárez entered the field with his family. Gremio home fans cheered and welcomed Suárez. On that day, about 33,000 people visited Suarez’s initiation ceremony.

Suarez said: “Thank you very much. Good things are going to happen in Gremio. He is an unforgettable fervent cheerleader. He will score a lot of goals and lead Gremiu to the championship.” Then he flashed his new uniform. Suárez burst into tears with his emotions.

This is Suarez, who shed tears a month ago. Suárez was selected for the Uruguay national team to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It was his fourth World Cup stage in his personal career. Uruguay played the group stage in Group H with South Korea, Portugal and Ghana. In the third match, they had to beat Ghana by more than three goals to advance to the round of 16, but were eliminated after finishing 2-0. Suárez, who was on the bench, held his face in his hands and cried.

Suárez, who took the microphone at Gremio’s initiation ceremony, said, “My friends Lionel Messi and Lucas Leyva recommended Gremio’s transfer. These are friends who always advise and support my decisions.” Messi is a teammate from FC Barcelona and Lucas is a teammate from Liverpool. Both are Argentinian and Brazilian nationals, respectively. 안전놀이터

Several teams were looking to sign Suarez. In addition to Gremio, LA Galaxy and Inter Miami of the US Major League Soccer (MLS) tried to sign Suarez. Deeply troubled, Suárez took the advice of Messi and Lucas and boarded a plane to Brazil.

Gremio is a professional Brazilian football team founded in 1903. They have won the Brazilian national league title twice and have been runners-up three times. The Brazilian Cup has been won 5 times and runner-up 4 times. After finishing second in the second division (Serie B) last season, they were promoted to the first division (Serie A) this season.