Are you banned from competing in the WBC? Choi Ji-man was pissed off

Korean major leaguer Choi Ji-man (32) and his new team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, seem to be in a creak before the start of the season. From this year’s salary to participation in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the opinions of players and clubs are walking parallel lines.

The Pittsburgh local press, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reported on the 7th (Korean time) that Choi Ji-man’s participation in the WBC was canceled due to opposition from the Pittsburgh club, and said, “It has become difficult for both sides to start with a good relationship.” Choi Ji-man was named in the final 30 entries for the WBC Korean national team announced on the 4th of last month, but he was unable to achieve his dream of becoming a Taegeuk mark because he did not receive permission from the club. Waiting for an answer from Pittsburgh, the KBO hurriedly selected SSG Landers outfielder Choi Ji-hoon (25) as a substitute.

Choi Ji-man has yet to play a single game in a Pittsburgh uniform. After his last season, he was traded from his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays, to Pittsburgh. Two weeks after the transfer, he underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow and began rehabilitation. Pittsburgh, citing this surgery as a reason, conveyed메이저사이트 its intention to oppose the participation to the WBC Organizing Committee. MLB clubs can exercise the right to refuse to participate in the WBC only for their players with a history of injury or surgery.

Choi Ji-man was greatly discouraged. He said through his management company, “You don’t know how happy I was when I was selected for the WBC national team. He expressed his position that he was very disappointed and frustrated by the decision not to participate.” He also protested that he was “in good physical condition to compete in the WBC.” Choi Ji-man said, “I had elbow surgery, but after returning to the United States, his rehabilitation training went well. Recently, there was no problem with hitting enough to bet live,” he said repeatedly. poured out

Choi Ji-man and Pittsburgh have already set up a confrontation over this year’s annual salary. Choi Ji-man asked for 5.4 million dollars, but Pittsburgh offered 4.65 million dollars. After failing to narrow the difference in the amount of 750,000 dollars (approximately 940 million won), he applied for an annual salary adjustment to the MLB secretariat. Choi Ji-man’s annual salary is determined by one of the two amounts according to the results of the Salary Adjustment Committee held within this month.

When Pittsburgh blocked even Choi Ji-man from participating in the WBC in an already awkward situation, the local media also began to pay attention to the discord between the two sides. ESPN recently cited Choi Ji-man as one of the strong trade candidates, mentioning that he will become a free agent (FA) at the end of this season. In less than four months after coming to the new team, the possibility of another transfer was raised.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said, “The salary adjustment committee for Choi Ji-man seems to be held the latest (among the players who applied this winter).” It is unlikely that Choi Ji-man and the club will reach an agreement before then.”

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