Alford’s preemptive strike… McCarty’s counterattack “I won baseball” A pleasant war of nerves outside the field

 Anthony Alford (29), who had a good performance as a central hitter for kt last year and decided to renew the contract, and SSG’s new foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty (28) are quite close. The two players have known each other for over 10 years. It is also a somewhat special relationship between foreign players in the KBO League who share memories from high school.

In high school, he played for a rival school. Alford attended Petal High School, Mississippi, and McCarty attended Oak Grove High School, Mississippi온라인카지노. The school is about 20 minutes away by car. The two players recall that the rivalry was fierce not only in baseball but also in American football. To win the match, they had to destroy each other. I did a lot of research, and I also bumped into them on the actual field. Coincidentally, both players were the aces of the baseball team and quarterbacks of the American football team, so they had a lot in common.

Alford admits that he is older, but he is confident (?) that he has an edge in his opponent’s record. In baseball, I have a good memory against McCarty, and especially in American football, I boasted that McCarty would have nothing to say. When asked about his opponent’s record in baseball, Alford chuckled, “Obviously I liked it.”

The McCarty Alford remembers was a competitive, fighting ace on the opposing team. Alford said, “Mccarty was the opposing team’s ace, and this side was already well prepared. It always worked well when he got into the plate.” When the reporter said, “I’ll go to Florida and ask McCarty,” Alford laughed, “Just ask him how he was at the football game. I won’t say anything, I’ll just laugh.”

Then how does McCarty remember those games? When informed of Alford’s delightful provocation, McCarty took a trip back in time, admitting what he would admit and refutating what he would refute. In summary, it is true that Alford did well in American football. However, McCarty’s counterattack is that baseball was different from Alford’s memory.

Alford, as McCarty remembers, was an outstanding ‘athlete’. McCarty said, “In high school, Alford was an ‘unreal’ existence. It was no joke. (Football) In the first half of the game, we were winning, but Alford came out and ran around the field in the second half.” Alford was a quarterback in his senior year, and I remember him being the best in our area. He won football,” he admitted meekly.

However, McCarty countered that Alford’s memory was in error, saying, “I remember baseball as something I won.” He added, “When I met Alford in January, he said he was going to bat live pitching, so I declined. Instead, I threw 85 mph on purpose, sidearm,

Although the players engaged in a delightful war of words outside the field, they have no choice but to take special care of people from their own neighborhood. Alford has already told McCarty a number of helpful stories about his life in Korea. In particular, Al Ford explains that he gave a lot of advice on the environment in which to raise children.

McCarty also goes to Alford, who was the ‘next school brother’, if he has any questions. Even though I have a family, everyday life in a foreign country is sometimes lonely. The friendship between the two players who have memories of Mississippi will become stronger. The events of 10 years ago, which even memories are mixed, have already passed, and the important thing is the performance in the KBO League. It remains to be seen what the confrontation will be like this year.

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