After the first camp, Lotte Sutton coach “Complete physical preparation for actual battle”

Lotte Giants coach Larry Sutton, who finished the first spring camp in Guam, expressed satisfaction with the training results.

After returning home from the first camp on the 19th, Lotte will leave for Ishigaki Island, Japan, on the 20th, a day later메이저사이트, to start the second camp. The 2nd camp will focus on actual combat by playing practice games with local teams.

During the first camp, Lotte went on to select players twice.

On the 16th, a total of 5 players, including Sejin Cho, Taeyang Han, Doosung Jang, Wontak Na, and Taeyeon Lee, decided to return to Korea. Choi Min-jae and 11 others were sent back to Korea. All of them continue training at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae, where the 2nd Army spring camp is underway.

Lotte explains that only players who are ready to compete in the game are taken to the second camp, as they have a schedule focused on actual combat from the second camp. However, some players, such as Choi Jun-yong, will rejoin the squad in time for the 3rd camp in Okinawa, Japan.

After two evaluation matches against Chiba Lotte in Ishigaki, Lotte will move to Okinawa and conduct practice matches with KBO League clubs. After that, on March 7th, I will return to Korea.

Coach Sutton said, “I am very happy that we were able to successfully wrap up the spring camp in Guam. We achieved our goal of physically preparing the players in line with the game schedule in Japan. We trained with a focus on details for each part. Now Japan “I will focus on developing my strengths in training and continue to improve by improving my performance.”

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