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2022-2023 KB Baduk League (Interleague 2-2) Government of

Baduk Mecca, Com2ustygem 3-1 (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The topic of this season that has changed dramatically is ‘Ace Match’. The ace match was first introduced in the Go league to increase interesting confrontations between strong players while eliminating draws.

The ace match, which has the character of a penalty shoot-out that decides the team’s win or loss when the four countries face each other 2-2, has a high proportion. So, it is natural for each team to put an ‘ace’ in the center of one nomination.

It is also true that the interest of the fans has increased due to the ace match. Teams have concerns. This is because of the regulations that limit the number of duplicate appearances in the ace match. Overlapping appearances per player are limited to a maximum of 6 times.

The number of regular league games per team is 16. That’s why you often hear the story of ‘you have to save the 1st choice card for the ace match’. But what if you lose after saving? On the contrary, what if you get caught in a situation where you can’t use it when it’s decisive? There is no choice but to shift the responsibility of mercenary skills. So the trouble deepens. 메이저사이트

I investigated the Chinese Gabjo League, a 4-man team event. In the case of a draw, the winning team gets 2 points and the losing team gets 1 point. With this system, strong players are naturally placed before the captain (sometimes a ‘sacrifice order’ is also given).

The Gabjo League scored 2-2 in 42 games in the 2020 season and 39 games in the 2021 season. They accounted for 35% and 32.5%, respectively, of the total number of games (120 regular league games per season). That’s roughly 1/3 of the ratio.

When the same Gapjo League figures are directly substituted into the KB League, one-third of 16 games corresponds to 5.3 games. In other words, the possibility of an ace match is about 5 to 6 games. If this is the standard, there is no reason to save the ace. Of course, the same standards cannot be applied.

In the last game of the 4th week held on the evening of New Year’s Day (interleague 2nd round 2 games), the government of Go Mecca defeated Com2Stagem 3-1 without an ace match. In the ace confrontation, Kim Ji-seok’s 9th dan’s first point, Lee Won-young’s 9th dan’s first win of the season, and Seol Hyun-joon’s 8th dan’s 5-game losing streak resulted in a team victory.

From the coming Wednesday, it will lead to the 5th week. Sudam League 3rd Round 1~3 matches, Interleague 2nd Round 3~4 matches will be held sequentially. Daejin is Ulsan Korea Zinc-Wonik (25th), Jeonggwanjangcheonnok-Suryeohan Hapcheon (26th), Nippon Kiwon-Go Mecca Uijeongbu (27th), Kicks-Ulsan Korea Zinc (28th), Nippon Kiwon-Posco Chemical (29th) Work).

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