A tennis team that disappeared in a single registered mail…”Can I just get rid of the athletic department?”

 The coaches and players of athletic clubs run by local governments are anxious when it comes to elections. This is because it is not uncommon for sports clubs that have been well maintained to be dismantled at once when the head of a local government changes.

There are countless cases like this. In the past 2021, the men’s soft tennis team at Icheon City Hall did that. However, at the end of last year, the Dobong-gu Office in Seoul notified the men’s tennis team of its unilateral dissolution without giving the players time to transfer, and the players suddenly became unemployed.

It is bittersweet to see the extreme of ‘ruthlessness’ that the sports club can be eliminated at will without any guarantee of survival rights just because they are holding the hilt.

Dobong-gu Office’s team disbanding notice is also very inhumane. This is also true of the behavior of Oh Eon-seok, the head of the district, who refused to meet director Lim Ji-ho twice, and on December 26, Dobong-gu Office sent a registered mail and notified the players of ‘contract expiration and renewal of contract’ to the players.

Regarding this, coach Lim Ji-ho criticized, saying, “Even if the dissolution of the team is the head of the district, the players should have been given time to transfer to other teams.” He lamented, saying, “I’m over 60 years old, but I’m fine, but at the point where all the transfers have already been completed, where are the teams for young players to go right now?”

The men’s tennis team of Dobong-gu Office was founded in February 2006 as the first coach by Lim Ji-ho, and has participated in all national sports competitions for 16 years. I didn’t win the championship, but I made achievements, such as climbing to 3rd place on several occasions. Players also conducted talent donation activities for the people of the district office about four times a year. He also participated in elite tournaments hosted by the Korea Tennis Association and won several championships.

In early July of last year, Dobong-gu Office was newly inaugurated by Oh Eon-seok, the head of the People’s Power. After that, there were rumors that the tennis team could be disbanded. And it was not until the end of last year that the team disbanded like lightning through an official document. also by mail.메이저사이트

According to head coach Lim Ji-ho, the operating cost of the tennis team is slightly over 500 million won a year. It is covered half by poetry and half by mouth. The cost of running such a team is one-third of that of other unemployment teams, which usually cost more than 1.5 billion won. But why is it that the team is suddenly disbanded just because the mayor has changed?

The affiliated players are Kim Dong-hwan (30) and Jang Woo-hyeok (20). Other players from Daegu City Hall and Konkuk University also decided to join, but they were naturally canceled. It is known that the district office suddenly decided to disband the tennis team that had been running well for the past 16 years because the publicity effect was not that great.

Of course, you can judge various things and disband the team. However, the disbandment must go through a reasonable process, and there must be consideration for the players who will lose their jobs right away. Is it okay to disband the athletics department at any time without any discussion with the players? I want to ask the mayor of Dobong-gu.