A once-in-a-lifetime ‘honour’… Who is the male rookie king in the 5-way match with Kim Jun-woo and Shin Shin-jin?

 As the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League enters the 5th round, questions are growing as to who will be honored with the Rookie of the Year Award this season.

Who will the glory of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Rookie Award go to? Five newcomer candidates are competing fiercely.

According to the standards of Article 52 (Commendation) of the V-League Tournament Guidelines, the New Player Award is for players (excluding foreign players) who have registered and competed in the V-League for the first time. The winner is determined by a vote by the press after the end of the regular season, and a prize of 2 million won is paid.

Unlike MVP, Best 7, Triple Crown, etc., the Rookie of the Year Award is an extremely rare and precious award as there is only one chance to win the award during the first season of a professional career.

That’s why, now that many volleyball fans have focused their attention and interest, among the 15 new players who have been steadily gaining experience by participating in more than one game this season, newbies are competing in good faith for the Rookie of the Year award by competing for the top ranks in each category. I would like to introduce you to the people.

▲ 5 new men’s players for the 22-23 season!

– Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Kim Jun-woo (middle blocker, MB)

Kim Jun-woo, who graduated from Hongik University, joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with the 3rd pick in the 1st round of the 22-23 rookie draft. As a middle blocker, he scored the most points among 15 rookie players with 11 points for serving and 48 points for blocking while playing 89 sets in 25 matches as of Thursday the 9th. The attack success rate was also 53.16%. It stands out by recording. In addition, Kim Jun-woo is tied for 7th in the blocking category with 0.539 blocks per set and 8th with a quick break success rate of 54.23%.

– Hyundai Capital Lee Hyeon-seung (Setter, S)

Lee Hyeon-seung, a graduate of Hanyang 메이저사이트University, was selected by Hyundai Capital as the 2nd pick in the first round of the 22-23 rookie draft. He made his debut in the match against OK Financial Group in the 2nd round, and starting with the Woori Card match in the 3rd round, he started as a full-fledged main setter. Lee Hyun-seung, who has played 16 games, has completed a total of 521 sets so far, recording an average of 9.14 sets per set, ranking 5th in the set category in the men’s league, showing as good an activity as his seniors.

– OK Financial Group Shin Ho-jin (Outside Heater, OH)

Shin Ho-jin, an outside heater from Inha University, was called by OK Financial Group after winning the first overall honor in the 22-23 rookie draft. Debuting amid much anticipation, he scored 40 points, including 5 points for serve and 3 points for blocking, and an attack success rate of 43.84% in 18 games. In the early days of the league, he played an active role against KB Insurance in the first round, scoring 9 points, his highest score of the season, but after the Korean Air match on January 4th, he was unable to get on the court and hesitated. preparing for an emergency

– KEPCO Kyo-Hyeok Koo (Outside Heater, OH)

Korea Electric Power’s outside heater Kyo-Hyuk Koo from Jungbu University entered the V-League in the 3rd place in the 2nd round. Koo Gyo-hyeok, who participated in 60 sets in 19 games, the second most among 15 new players, was appointed as a one-point server for KEPCO and did not stay on the court for a long time, such as scoring a total of 7 serves, but showed his strength in each fierce competition. He is playing his role well.

– KB Insurance Bae Sang-jin (Outside Heater, OH)

Bae Sang-jin, who graduated from Kyonggi University, joined KB Insurance as the 2nd pick in the 2nd round of the rookie draft. As an outside hitter, he scored 12 points and scored 35% on offense while playing 51 sets in 19 games. Last December, he had a difficult time due to the sudden confirmation of Corona 19, but he is gradually expanding his territory as a one-point server like KEPCO Kyo-hyeok Koo, scoring 4 subs out of 12 points.

In addition to this, new players such as Woori Card Han Tae-joon, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Park Seong-jin, and Ahn Ji-won are showing good performances. Now that the end of the 22-23 V-League is near, we look forward to more great performances by the new players who started their careers as professional players this season.

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