A master general who is not shaken by the ‘shock’ of delayed salary payment and sale “We will do our best until the end” 

“We will do our best until the end without caring about the company situation.”

Goyang Carrot is currently shaking badly. Salary payments were delayed for two months in a row, and there was even news recently that they were looking for an acquirer. Nevertheless, Kim Seung-gi, coach of Carrot, was not shaken.

Coach Kim, who we met at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 10th, said, “We will do our best until the end without worrying about the company 메이저사이트situation. In the meantime, I almost collapsed several times, but I got back up again. I will play the season well with the belief that the worst will not come out.”

Carrot is producing steady results even in a situation where the club is shaken up internally. Entering the 5th round, he currently has 20 wins and 19 losses and is in 5th place. Despite the blood loss of Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Dae-sung, they are maintaining their playoff rights with Jeon Seong-hyun, who is having an MVP season.

Director Kim said, “We are doing well. He also told the players not to be agitated because this season is over and they don’t have to quit basketball. The players are doing well too. If it was shaken, it would have been difficult all season.”

Even at a young age, coach Kim rose to become a master general representing KBL. It was a leadership career that he had built up without failure, if not solidly. However, the current poor management of Day One Sports and the problems related to the sale are the first things manager Kim has experienced. Will this season be the hardest memory for him?

Director Kim said, “It is not. Rather, there were more difficult times when I was at KGC. I learned a lot at that time and am using it well now (laughs).” “I think this season is a time to learn a lot in the life of a leader. They are fighting well even when there are no players. It’s hard now, but it will be of great help later.”

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