A group with France, Gambia and Honduras… Coach Kim Eun-joong “The first goal is to advance to the tournament”

The first goal is to advance to the tournament. I will prepare well for the remaining period.”

On the 22nd, coach Kim Eun-joong (44) gave an interview with the Korea Football Association (KFA) right after the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup group drawing ceremony was over, and asked about his feelings, goals, and determination for the group formation.

Kim Eun-joong, assigned to pot 2,스포츠토토 will advance to the round of 16 in Group F with France (pot 1), Honduras (pot 3) and Gambia (pot 4) at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup to be held in Argentina in May. I was fighting for advancement. 1st and 2nd place in each group advance directly to the Round of 16 tournament, and the top 4 countries from among the 3rd place in each group will additionally join.

France, a strong player in European tradition, is evaluated for its solid power, reaching the semifinals at the UEFA U-19 Championship last year. In particular, Elijah Wahi (20, Montpellier), who is active by scoring 13 goals in French Ligue 1 this season, is considered a key figure.

Honduras and Gambia are also considered difficult opponents. They are the ambush soldiers who advanced to the semifinals of the North and Central America and Caribbean Football Federation (CONCACAF) U-20 Championship and the African Football Confederation (CAF) U-20 Nations Cup runner-up.

Coach Kim said, “All teams are not easy opponents. The group formation is over, and we have to prepare well (for the remaining period from now on).” .

Kim Eun-joong will train at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) from the 24th to the 26th. After this call-up training, coach Kim will head directly to Argentina to inspect the base camp and stadium. After his return, he plans to confirm his final entry and reconvene in early May.

Coach Kim said, “I don’t have much time. I’m going to have a short convocation training next week, but I can’t call all the players.” We plan to prepare thoroughly,” he added.

“The first goal is to advance to the tournament,” he said. “In the tournament, it will be a fight for the condition, preparation, and atmosphere of the day rather than one team doing well. By doing well in the group stage, we will definitely advance to the tournament, and we will continue to achieve good results. I will,” he promised.

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